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Livelihood expenditure of Yinzhou exceeds 10 billion yuan in 2015

According to Yinzhou Financial Department, Yinzhou District spent 10.824 billion yuan on people’s livelihood in 2015, exceeding 10 billion yuan for the first time and accounting for 66% of the available financial resources.
The three rural issues are closely related to everyone’s interests. Therefore, Yinzhou District has been working hard on strengthening support in agriculture, promoting the balance of urban and rural benefits and safeguarding farmers’ live and work. In 2015, Yinzhou District invested a total of 1.824 billion yuan mainly on the construction and development of agriculture, forestry and water, improvement of rural environment and management of five types of water.
Medical treatment, difficult and expensive, has always been a pain in the heart of people. In order to solve the problem, Yinzhou District arranged 1.23 billion yuan on the merger of medical insurance of urban and rural residents and raising the level of basic medical insurance in 2015.
Social security and employment support are the top priorities of the people’s livelihood. In 2015, Yinzhou District spent 1.569 billion yuan for providing security and support for the elderly. “We used to have several hundreds of pension every month. However, we have more than 2,000 yuan every month with my husband’s. It is such a good policy.” said 73-year-old GrannyYin who lives in Xianxiang.  
At the same time, Yinzhou did not forget to strengthen budget and improve performance. In 2015, 43 projects over 10 million yuan were listed into budget performance target management system. The total budget reached 2.661 million yuan, reducing 202 million funds. Yinzhou has been improving the efficiency of fiscal funds and strengthening the budget performance goal orientation and results orientation.

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