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Foreign trade via Ningbo Port exceeding 200 billion dollars

The foreign trade via Ningbo Port has made a historical breakthrough, with the total exceeding 200 billion US dollars. On the afternoon of January 12, Xu Gaochun, Vice Secretary General of Ningbo Municipal Government, declared that in 2011, the import and export output through the port of Ningbo reaches 200.44 US dollars, increased by 24.2% over the previous year, making a historical new high. Of the total, the import is 76.69 billion US dollars, increased by 26%; the export 123.75 billion, increased by 23.1%.

In the last year, Ningbo further opened to the opening to the outside world. Related departments like the customs, the commodity inspection, marine affairs and so on further optimized the customs and inspection services.

In the meanwhile, Ningbo opened the regular container trains to Shangrao and Taizhou and promoted the reform of the customs and direct release services for exported commodities. In the last year, the efficiency for the customs clearance rose by 16.26% and 11.7%.

The port of Ningbo is becoming a very important one in China. "Compared with the port of Qingdao and the port of Shanghai, the port of Ningbo is most attractive for us," said Li Jingchen, General Manager of Qingdao Jilong International Logistic Company. In 2010, about 30% of the total export by the company is through the port of Ningbo. In the last year, the proportion rose to 80%.

The statistics of the General Administration of Customs show that the volume of import and export via the port of Ningbo covers 5.5% of the total of import and export of China, only next to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Qingdao and Huangpu. In the import of such commodities as petroleum, iron ore, liquid chemicals, coal, wine and fruits, the port of Ningbo plays a very important role

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