Daxie Port listed as an International Health Port

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Tuesday, 26 July 2011 09:55

Through the assessment of the State Quality Inspection Administration and World Health Organization, Daxie Port was successfully listed as an International Health Port. On the afternoon of July 18, Liu Pingjun, deputy director of the State Quality Inspection Administration, and Liuqi, mayor of Ningbo, attended the naming ceremony, and Wang Renzhou, vice mayor of Ningbo, and Zhang Chaohua, vice director of the health department of the state quality inspection administration delivered speeches. Present at the ceremony were also Daxie administration committee, Daxie quarantine department and other related units.

In recent years, Daxie has quickened its construction of the port, with its economic power remarkably raised, the size of its leading industries formed, its advantageous position further strengthened in the transportation of containers, crude and refined oil and liquid chemicals in Ningbo and even in east China. Now, the lift of its capacity of port health inspection and quarantine has laid a solid foundation for its future development.

Daxie began its endeavor to be listed as an international health port in January, 2007. For the past few years, with its own effort and guidance from related departments, Daxie's capacity of public health has been greatly raised. In January of 2011, Daxie passed the assessment of domestic experts and, in March, passed the assessment of experts from the World Health Organization, thus becoming an international health port, the first in Zhejiang Province and the fifth in China.

Daxie's success in being listed as an international health port will be a milestone in the whole process of building Ningbo into an international strong port. Next, Ningbo will follow the "six quickenings" strategies to develop its port into international health port with high-level planning and efficient organization.