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Ningbo's first batch of municipal-level farm complexes released

It is learned from the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that Ningbo's first batch of municipal-level farm complex pilot units Hengkantou Village Farm Complex in Yuyao and Ningbo Tengtou Farm Complex have completed construction and passed the acceptance. Both were recognized as the first batch of Ningbo municipal-level farm complexes.

Hengkantou Village Farm Complex is located in Lianglang Town, and the construction area includes three established villages, Hengkantou Village, Wangxiang Village and Ganxuan Village, with a total area of about 12.14 square kilometers. The project, based on the unique red gene, agricultural foundation, landscape and ecological background and relying on the agricultural tourism industry foundation of New Hope Group, aims to gradually build a farm complex with beautiful environment, beautiful industry, rich farmers, excellent ecology and integration of three industries through regional coordination, industrial empowerment, functional improvement and new farmer training. A total of 29 projects in 4 categories have been completed with a total investment of about 423 million yuan.

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New night life in the countryside features cold drinks and camping

As night falls in the scorching summer, with the evening breeze blowing and the cicadas chirping, the yellow lights are lit up under the white tents like stars in the night, and people are drinking and talking inside. The Meihao Agricultural Park in Sunjia Village, Shangtian Street, Fenghua District combines special cold drinks with camping to create a comprehensive leisure base that integrates camping, cold drinks, gardening and socializing. In the future, it will also launch other activities like theme parties, band concert, bubble battles, fireworks, and bonfire to provide citizens with more cool experience in the hot summer

Ningbo Zhoushan Port receives and unloads over 100,000 tons of bulk nickel hydroxide

Recently, the cargo ship "Ocean Charm" unloaded 8,879.6 tons of nickel hydroxide imported from Indonesia at Zhenhai Port area of Ningbo Zhoushan Port and left Ningbo waters. This marks the imported nickel hydroxide through the bulk nickel hydroxide waterway transportation in Ningbo Zhoushan Port has exceeded 100,000 tons.

Nickel hydroxide is one of the most important raw materials for new energy batteries, and it is also indispensable in electroplating, stainless steel and other fields. In recent years, with China's vigorous promotion of carbon neutral and carbon peaks and the rapid development of domestic new energy manufacturing industry, the market demand for nickel hydroxide sources has been rising, and the smelting production lines of relevant enterprises overseas have been put into operation one after another, which gradually open up import channels from foreign mines to domestic production bases.

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11 villages in Ningbo chosen as “future village” pilots

It is learned from the Ningbo Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance and Zhejiang Provincial Office of the Improvement of Urban and Rural Landscape has jointly issued the list of the first pilot villages for “future village” construction in the province recently, in which a total of 11 villages in Ningbo were included.

The 11 villages are as follows: the Maoxin Village of Gulin Town of Haishu District, the Waicao Village of Yongjiang Sub-district of Jiangbei District, the Yongwang Village of Zhuangshi Sub-district of Zhenhai District, the Jiufeng Mountain area of Daqi Sub-district of Beilun District, the Wandi Village of Xiaying Sub-district of Yinzhou District, the Tengtou Village of Xiaowangmiao Sub-district of Fenghua District, the Xiejialu Village of Simen Town of Yuyao County, the Hengkantou Village of Liangnong Town of Yuyao County, the Wan’anzhuang Village of Zhouxiang Town of Cixi County, the Haitou Village of Liyang Town of Ninghai County, and the Gaoni Village of Huangbi’ao Township of Xiangshan County.

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