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Cixi listed in Top 100 Counties

Recently, the list of the 11th Top 100 Counties in Regional Economy of China was released in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Cixi City ranks No.3 on the list. The top ten cities are Jiangyin, Kunshan, Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Wujiang, Cixi, Taicang, Yixing, Shaoxing, Jinjiang, Yiwu, Zengcheng, and Yuyao.

The assessment of the county economy's core competiveness is based on the analysis of the comprehensive, comparable and objective data of the county economy, and it is featured for "opening, objectiveness, and comparability". The assessment of the economic competitiveness of the counties assess not only whether the counties' economy is competitive but also whether the economy is scientific. This assessment aims to encourage the scientific development of the economy of countries in China. It is learned that this year, for the first time, the assessment had included the happiness index, which aimed to reveal the people's degree of satisfaction and happiness they feel. In short, in addition to the assessment of the economic competitiveness, the richness, degree of green and the residents' satisfaction are also assessed.

It is learned that Cixi has ranked No.3 in Top 100 Counties for successively four years. In 2010, its GDP amounted 75.77 billion yuan, and calculated by comparable price, it increased by 15.6% above the same period of the previous year.

Position of ecology in Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area

Despite the limited land resources, Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Area still put aside a land of 43.5 sq km for a wetland park, and this has won lots of praises. Recently, in an appraisal meeting of the plan of the national wetland park of Hangzhou Bay, experts from the State Forestry Administration and China Academy of Agricultural Science spoke highly of the plan.

The 1st phase project of the wetland park plans to develop 5,000 mu, of which only 1,000 opens to visitors. Since June when it opened, the daily acceptance of visitors is limited to be less than 2,000.

"We always give priority to ecological protection," said an authority of the wetland management center.

According to the preliminary plan, the total of land planed for the park is 470 ha, consisting of four functional areas of ecological protection, display, education and recreation. In the coming five years, 552.6 million yuan will be invested in the park, for the ecological restoration and rebuilding, wetland protection and ecotourism.

Open air theatre

This is an open air theater opened two years ago in Hecheng Neighborhood Community, Jiangdong District.

Beilun to put 100 billion yuan in key projects of marine economy

Beilun District is speeding up the marine industrial projects, aiming to transform itself to a trade port, and upgrading its marine economy in an overall way. In the first half of this year, the projects whose construction is accelerated include Zhejiang LNG port project, the 3rd phase project of Zhejiang Yisheng Petrochemical, the logistic project of Sinotrans, the project of China International Ship Building, and the project of Meidong International cruise holiday resort. At present, Beilun has started the construction of 89 projects of marine industries. In the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, the city will put over 100 billion yuan in the key projects of marine economy.

In Zhejiang and Ningbo's efforts to turn Ningbo into a strong international port and to develop the port oriented industries, Beilun has begun to play a leading role. With the development of the emerging marine industries like the marine equipment industries and new marine material industries, Beilun has made breakthroughs in port-oriented industries and the trade of staple commodities. In the first half of this year, backed by the fast development of marine industries, Beilun has had a fast industrial growth and radical increased efficiency. In Beilun, the output of large industrial enterprises reaches 94.276 billion yuan, increased by 25.0% over the precious year; the sales value has increased by 25.5%; the profit total has increased by 32.5%.

Meishan International Logistic Industrial Area is one of the key 14 industrial areas Zhejiang is going to build in the coming five years. In this area, there will be such projects like the construction of Meishan International Logistic Trade Island, the construction of the emerging marine industrial base on Chuanshan Peninsular, the northern port-oriented industrial belt and the southern marine ecological belt, the promotion of the construction of Meishan International Free Trade Logistic Park, the construction of Shinan Hi-tech Marine Equipment Industrial Base and the Ecological Cultural and Economic Zone of Meishan Bay.

In the field of logistic service industry for the port, Beilun will build 10 staple commodities trade markets of oil, LNG, steel, ore, coal and petrochemicals. By 2015, the turnover shall reach 150 billion yuan. As a result, Beilun will be an important regional resource transaction and distribution center and storage base of strategic materials in East China.

By 2015, the total outcome of marine economy will reach 60 billion yuan and the proportion of marine economy will rise to 60%, and the added value of the emerging strategic marine industries shall rise to 30% of the total of the marine economy. In addition, Beilun will be turned into a demo base of emerging marine industries of Zhejiang and an important production base of marine engineering equipment in the Changjiang River Delta.

Huasheng Int'l Home Plaza Broke Ground

Ningbo Huasheng International Home Plaza, an investment of 1.6 billion yuan in the first phase, broke ground on August 17.

This project is an important node project of Beilun, and also a grand project of the 12th Five-Year Plan period of the city. It is located at the cross of the Jiangnan Road and the Round-the-city Ring Road, covering an area of 230 m, with building space to reach 340,000 m2. The project is co-funded by Ningbo Development Investment Group and NETDZ Holdings Inc.  It will be built into a market of building materials, home decorations, furniture, etc.  It is set to be a largest market of the kind in East China.

On the day, the Ningbo Development and Investment Group signed an agreement with the Heung Kong Group about establishing a Heung Kong Mall in the market.

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