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7 million yuan set aside as special fund for foreign trade enterprises in Zhenhai District

At present, middle and small foreign trade enterprises find themselves in such a tense operating environment, suffering from the double attack from home and abroad. Statistics show that the export volume has been decreasing in the past two months in Zhenhai District. To solve this problem, the District has carried out a range of supporting policies in foreign trade and economy, such as providing a special fund to promote the transformation and upgrading of industries and to accelerate the enterprises' "going out" strategy.

Firstly, enterprises can get policy subsidies if they take part in all kinds of comprehensive or specific exhibitions or fairs. Then, enterprises are encouraged to invest abroad, and they will be awarded if they establish agencies or even industrial firms abroad. Finally, support will be given to the enterprises that attempt to expand their overseas marketing network, such as setting up marketing agencies, marketing nets and public marketing service platform.

The fund can also be used to encourage the enterprises to develop their own brands and improve the competitiveness of their products. For the enterprises listed in the "key export brands to be fostered and developed by the Ministry of Commerce" and "key export brands to be fostered and developed in Ningbo", the fund will award them 200,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively. In the meanwhile, in view of the current market environment home and abroad, the fund encourages the foreign trade enterprises to take the export credit insurance. For those enterprises in the District to take this insurance while engaging in exports, the fund will give them a subsidy of 50% of the insurance premium

"Diamonds" standing in the Xiangshan Port

Just like two "diamonds" standing in the sea, the two cable-stayed towers of Xiangshan Port Highway Bridge are beginning to take shape. The cable-stayed bridge with twin towers and twin cable planes is the first one of its kind in Zhejiang Province, with the towers being 255.5 meters tall and the main span being 688 meters. At present, over 500 constructors are making great efforts to top the tower by the end of this year and to guarantee its opening to traffic by the end of next year

Zhejiang's largest container carrier service center started construction in Beilun

On October 18, the construction of Beilun container carrier service center started. This center is a container carrier transportation center with its investment totaling 530 million yuan and its area totaling over 56 mu, capable of serving over 3,000 container carriers. It is so far the largest comprehensive one-stop service center for container carriers in Zhejiang. It is expected to greatly improve the logistic environment of Ningbo enhance the supporting logistic services and further promote the transformation of the logistic industry.

It is reported that the service center will build a large scale public logistic information platform. With advanced technology of internet of things and the advanced information platform, the center will be highly efficient to integrate the resources of the port, the industrial parks, the stacking yards and logistic companies, so as to form a fourth-party logistic platform and efficiently promote the informationization of the logistic industry of the city and maximize the uses of resources.

Yinzhou invests 200 mln yuan to introduce 100 talents from overseas

Recently, Yinzhou issued a notice on encouraging the overseas talents to start up and innovate on their business. It says that Yinzhou will invest nearly 200 million yuan to introduce 100 high ranking talents. 
According to the notice, global experts include those who lead in the high-tech enterprises that meet the Yinzhou industry standards, those who have served as technology or managing experts for over two years in the international famous enterprises, high-end service industry and culturally innovative enterprises and those leading innovative talents in the overseas universities and having conducted scientific research up to the international level.
Those who can meet the standards will get from the Yinzhou government favorable policy support on research, career training, housing and the arrangement of their family members’ work and study.

Port of Ningbo sees a rapid growth in domestic container transportation

According to the latest report of the operation in the third quarter by Ningbo Port Co., Ltd., from January to September this year, the containers for domestic trade handled amounted to 1,009,000 TEUs, increased by 25.4% above the same period of the previous year. Exceeding the total than handled in the whole year of 2009, this amount contributes a lot to the record breaking container transportation in the first three quarters this year.

Statistics show that in the third quarter this year, Ningbo Port Co., Ltd. handles 4,180,000 TEUs, increased by 13.5% above the same period of the previous year. From January to September, the total of containers handled amounted to 11,567,000, increased by 14.9% above the same period of the previous year, and covering 79% of the annual plan.

In this year, the flagging economic situation on the market in Europe and America has considerably affected the container transportation of the ports of China. In face of this situation, the port of Ningbo has taken active measures by seizing the opportunities brought forth by China's expanding the domestic demand and by strengthening the strategic cooperation with the artery shipping companies. With theses measures, the port has expanded its market for domestic trade containers from the ports on the coastal areas and along the Changjiang River.

Early this year, the port of Ningbo started to strengthen the cooperation with the big shipping companies and the ports in the north and the south of China, so as to promote the shipping business for foreign and domestic trade. The port of Ningbo sees a steady increase of containers from Guangzhou, Tianjin and other cities to be transferred to Zhapu, Wenzhou and Taizhou. This increases the role of the port of Ningbo for the goods from the northern and southern ports. In the meanwhile, the port of Ningbo has strengthened the transferring network for the domestic trade, by integrating the port resources and improving the supporting shipping facilities in Zhenhai and Zhapu. So far, it has finished building the transiting platform for domestic trade which consists mainly of Ningbo Daxie China Merchants International Container Terminal and Zhenhai Port.

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