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Standardization boosts Ningbo’s Smart Logistics

When most of the sellers racked their brains about the delivery of piled-up parcels after Double 11,Peacebird has no concern in this respect. Due to the adoption of piece sorting and box sorting technologies, Cidong Logistics Base, established in summer,2014,doubled the delivery amount to 150,000 on a daily basis. This is an epitome of Ningbo’s smart logistics standardized pilot program. Driven by the standardization,13 programs concerning ports, parks, transport ,storage and so on are now in the stage of acceptance check.
 Ningbo’s smart logistics construction is one of the first 13 demonstration pilot programs launched by Zhejiang province. Proceeding from the establishment of Ningbo smart logistics standardization framework, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision along with Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission went about a synchronous work of top-level design and demonstration pilot program.ICT was integrated into the ports, parks and enterprises to form a smart logistics system which is secure ,highly-effective, convenient and economical.
 Like the framework structure of houses, only a systematic ,scientific and pragmatic standard system can make smart logistics visible, sensible and workable. Ningbo’s Smart Logistics Standard System was formed after Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission had studied on the city’s logistic feature and development. The system has five categories and 265 standards which provide a clear reference to the construction of smart logistics perception, transmission, application and security.
 Driven by the standardization, smart logistics technologies such as double drop-and-pull transport, automatic sorting, smart custom clearance and a fourth party platform are widely applied. Ningbo has established successively more than 20 standardized pilot programs since 2014 covering the service, container transportation, less-than-carload lot, storage management and hazardous chemical substance transportation. Many logistics enterprises begin to reap the fruit of smart logistics through standardized pilot programs. With an integrated design of systematic procedures and improved double operation entities, the standardized pilot program of Ningbo Fourth Logistics Service have become the first platform based on double operation entities in China and formed the fourth party logistics information standard system. Intelligent and standard means are also used to restore Beilun Container-truck Service Base in the hope of a 20% profit increase in 2014.

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