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This week Yongcheng restore fine and hot temperatures hovering around 35 ℃

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  After Typhoon "sea anemone", Ningbo will usher in a new round of hot weather. Yongcheng weather this week to restore fine and hot, the maximum temperature hovering around 35 ℃, members of the public to be sure to stay cool.
  After about a week of typhoons in the cool, the public seems to have forgotten now or in the summer, a time difficult to adapt to hot weather. However, high temperature, but can not wait to trip. Yesterday, Yongcheng distinct increase in the scorching sun, people feel very muggy. Afternoon high temperatures near the high temperature warning level. Yesterday afternoon, the Meteorological Observatory of Ningbo high temperature report, Ningbo cloudy afternoon to ShangBanYe, local showers or thunderstorms, southerly winds of 2 to 3, the maximum temperature 34 ℃ ~~ of 36 ° C (maximum 34.7 ° C), the minimum temperature 26 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ (Yesterday minimum of 27.5 ° C). Afternoon hot.
  The beginning of autumn this year is August 7. Because of the relationship of the typhoon, the beginning of autumn, Ningbo weather is cool like autumn. Too early to say but the fall of meteorological significance. The experts have warned that the "hot autumn", pay attention to the summer cooling, add water to ensure that sleep, eat more vegetables and fruits, heat Qushu.
  ● Ningbo city weather
Today Cloudy 27 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Tomorrow Cloudy 27 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

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