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Standardization boosts Ningbo’s Smart Logistics

When most of the sellers racked their brains about the delivery of piled-up parcels after Double 11,Peacebird has no concern in this respect. Due to the adoption of piece sorting and box sorting technologies, Cidong Logistics Base, established in summer,2014,doubled the delivery amount to 150,000 on a daily basis. This is an epitome of Ningbo’s smart logistics standardized pilot program. Driven by the standardization,13 programs concerning ports, parks, transport ,storage and so on are now in the stage of acceptance check.
 Ningbo’s smart logistics construction is one of the first 13 demonstration pilot programs launched by Zhejiang province. Proceeding from the establishment of Ningbo smart logistics standardization framework, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision along with Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission went about a synchronous work of top-level design and demonstration pilot program.ICT was integrated into the ports, parks and enterprises to form a smart logistics system which is secure ,highly-effective, convenient and economical.
 Like the framework structure of houses, only a systematic ,scientific and pragmatic standard system can make smart logistics visible, sensible and workable. Ningbo’s Smart Logistics Standard System was formed after Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision and Ningbo Municipal Development and Reform Commission had studied on the city’s logistic feature and development. The system has five categories and 265 standards which provide a clear reference to the construction of smart logistics perception, transmission, application and security.
 Driven by the standardization, smart logistics technologies such as double drop-and-pull transport, automatic sorting, smart custom clearance and a fourth party platform are widely applied. Ningbo has established successively more than 20 standardized pilot programs since 2014 covering the service, container transportation, less-than-carload lot, storage management and hazardous chemical substance transportation. Many logistics enterprises begin to reap the fruit of smart logistics through standardized pilot programs. With an integrated design of systematic procedures and improved double operation entities, the standardized pilot program of Ningbo Fourth Logistics Service have become the first platform based on double operation entities in China and formed the fourth party logistics information standard system. Intelligent and standard means are also used to restore Beilun Container-truck Service Base in the hope of a 20% profit increase in 2014.

Special Discount Sales - 30% off Tuesday 11th Nov.

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This week Yongcheng restore fine and hot temperatures hovering around 35 ℃

Source 2012-8-13 9:00:53 modern gold was quoted at
  After Typhoon "sea anemone", Ningbo will usher in a new round of hot weather. Yongcheng weather this week to restore fine and hot, the maximum temperature hovering around 35 ℃, members of the public to be sure to stay cool.
  After about a week of typhoons in the cool, the public seems to have forgotten now or in the summer, a time difficult to adapt to hot weather. However, high temperature, but can not wait to trip. Yesterday, Yongcheng distinct increase in the scorching sun, people feel very muggy. Afternoon high temperatures near the high temperature warning level. Yesterday afternoon, the Meteorological Observatory of Ningbo high temperature report, Ningbo cloudy afternoon to ShangBanYe, local showers or thunderstorms, southerly winds of 2 to 3, the maximum temperature 34 ℃ ~~ of 36 ° C (maximum 34.7 ° C), the minimum temperature 26 ℃ ~ 27 ℃ (Yesterday minimum of 27.5 ° C). Afternoon hot.
  The beginning of autumn this year is August 7. Because of the relationship of the typhoon, the beginning of autumn, Ningbo weather is cool like autumn. Too early to say but the fall of meteorological significance. The experts have warned that the "hot autumn", pay attention to the summer cooling, add water to ensure that sleep, eat more vegetables and fruits, heat Qushu.
  ● Ningbo city weather
Today Cloudy 27 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
Tomorrow Cloudy 27 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Sunny day, good mood

Sunny day, good mood

During the National Day holiday, Xiangshan Movie & TV City attracted a large number of tourists with such feature activities as the Brazilian Samba show, the movie and TV star show and the performance for songs from movies and TV series.

Scam Warning: CEOs secretary "were removed from the five-star hotel

Source 2012-6-19 9:02:14 Ningbo Evening News

Process a carrying stolen items left in a hurry to the hotel.

Process of a cheat attendant trust into the room.

Succeed out in front of a head out of the process to look around.
  Reporter Shen Ying correspondent Yie Bei Zhang Premier League / text monitor picture provided by the police
  Wearing a pair of glasses, wearing a white shirt and black trousers, holding a briefcase, has shown signs of his people often think he is what the leadership or the boss's secretary.
  Anhui man a certain way rely on this dress, were removed from five-star hotels in many places across the country, defrauding the trust of the waiter, by the attendant to open the room door, easily into the room theft.
  "He confessed, since May this year 10 cases of crime." A certain way to Ningbo, committing the crime, police Jiangdong spent just two days to catch up in Wuhu, Anhui him arrested. Yesterday, Koto police informed of the case, each hotel can enhance the prevention of such cases.
  CEOs secretary "to take things to the boss room
  The morning of June 10, attended the meeting in a five-star hotel in Ningbo City boss of a company report: an IBM notebook computer on the room, and a set of commemorative coins stolen.
  The Jiangdong Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately investigate and found a white shirt that morning at 9 o'clock 50 minutes, the young man wearing glasses hovering in front of the incidence rooms.
  The surveillance video shows: that a suspicious man in the room door press pressed the doorbell, and there was none to come out sideways to leave. However, not long after, he took a waiter, went to the room door. The attendant will open the room door after walked away, he went into the room. A few minutes later, he was holding something away.
  The hotel staff to the police that the man claiming to be the boss secretary ", and can accurately report the boss's name and work unit, said the CEOs meeting forgot something, so he helped to the room to take it.
  This is a trickster of a veteran

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