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The first service base for the middle-aged and elderly opens

The service base for the middle-aged and elderly in Jiangdong District was established and opened on November 1. The base, located in the Jiahe Home for the Elderly, provides people with activities such as psychological health service for the elderly, health care activities and family communication. It is actually part of the construction of the service brand of "rainbow life" by Jiangdong Population and Family Planning Bureau.

The base is composed of five sections, that is, knowledge bruise area, psychological consultation area, family communication area, game area and health care area. In the knowledge bruise area, there are over 2500 volumes of books covering a wide range of categories such as health care, popular science, literature and art. There are three computers equipped with cameras and earphone mics for the elderly to surf on line and even do video chat. As for the psychological consultation area, experts and doctors will be invited regularly to come to provide psychological consultation and guidance service for the both aged people in the Home for the Elderly and those home-based elderly. The family communication area can accommodate about 70 people to watch movies or carry out activities. The elderly can watch dramas, old films and programs introducing health care knowledge. The game area is equipped with various puzzle apparatuses, where volunteers can make performances for the elderly and play games with them. In the health care area, there is a general clinic for the elderly, and Jiangdong Community Recovery Service Centre for the Disabled, well-equipped with doctors, nurses, rehabilitators and moxibution therapists, is also located in the area

Ningbo Ride & Race for Charity 2011B

By Elain Chan NingboFocus
Dear Everyone,
Jointly organised by Ningbo Focus, Ningbo Guide and the Ningbo Bicycling Association, the inaugural Ningbo Ride & Race for Charity 2011 will be held on Saturday 29th October at Dapeng Mountain in Cixi. This event has been organised to raise funds for the children of Enmei Welfare House.

The Ningbo Ride & Race official sponsors are Harbor House, The Westin Ningbo, The Office Bar and Tasty’s.

It’s going to be an awesome and fun-filled event! So far we have over 110 participants for this event, for those who wish to participate but have not signed up, please do so as soon as possible. For those who have confirmed participation individually or as a team, thank you very much for your kind support, please fill in the attached entry form and send it back to us as soon as possible.
Please kindly note the following:
1. Entry Form:
-       All riders must fill in the entry form and sign off, individually please. If you are part of a team, please include your team name and the number of riders in your team. This form can then be scanned and emailed back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or faxed back to 8777 7492.
-       The full programme is listed on the Entry Form, please kindly read through the details carefully.
-       Please do not forget to bring copies of your ID/passport for registration and insurance.
2.     Gathering Place:
-       Meet at The Westin Ningbo on Saturday 29th October 2011 at 7:30 a.m. – attached location map.
-       Buses will depart for Dapeng Mountain at 7:45 a.m. sharp.
-       If you are meeting straight at Dapeng Mountain in Cixi, please indicate this on the Entry Form.
-       If you are driving and bringing your own bikes, please indicate this on the Entry Form.
3. Participation Fees:
-       Please bring along RMB 60 for participation and RMB 10 for insurance.
-       Participation fee includes event wear, goodie bag sponsored by Harbor House, two-way bus transfer and water sponsored by The Westin Ningbo, After-race Party with first drink sponsored by The Office Bar and lunch snacks sponsored by Tasty’s.
4. Adopted Charity:
-       Enmei Welfare House
5. Race Route:
-       Attached route of the ride & race
-       Total distance: 8.4km per lap X 5 laps = 42km
-       Those riding for leisure may choose to cover any number of laps or stop anytime at the start point.
-       Those racing for the trophies must complete the whole course of the route.
6. Children:
-       All children must be accompanied by adults please.
7. Bike Rentals:
-       For riders without bikes and helmets, you may rent from the following:
Giant Cambridge Branch
409, Siming Middle Road, Yinzhou
Tel: +86 574 8727 3711
Huanhu Bicycle Co. Ltd.
Ningbo Dongqian Lake Tourist Vacation Area
777, Anshi Road, Dongqian Lake, Yinzhou
Tel: +86 574 8281 7139 / +86 134 8668 1104
8. Bikes:
-       Drop-offs:
All bikes should be dropped off on Friday, 28th October 2011 between 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. at Giant Cambridge Branch, 409, Siming Middle Road, Yinzhou. Your bikes will then be safe-kept at Giant, and transported in bike trucks to Dapeng Mountain the next day.
After the Race:
All bikes will be transported back by bike trucks to a meeting point in Jiangbei. Participants will be brought back to the same meeting point to claim your bikes. We will then do a group ride together to Lao Waitan for the After-race Party, trophy and donation presentation.
Upon arrival in Lao Waitan, please park your bikes immediately at the back of The Office Bar.
9. Prizes:
Trophies for the top three race riders, sponsored by Harbor House
Three hotel vouchers, sponsored by The Westin Ningbo
Two dining vouchers at Picanha Brazilian BBQ, sponsored by Ningbo Guide
-       Please have a good breakfast prior to the event, lunch will not be served until about 1 p.m. when we arrive back at The Office Bar and Tasty’s in Lao Waitan.
Please remember your helmets. Safety First!
-       The weather could get chilly, please bring along jackets in case of cold weather or rain.

"One-day Charity Donation" in Ningbo

By August 22, the charity donations Ningbo Charity Federation received added up to over 5,817,000 yuan. A lawyer alone donated 100,000 yuan.

The largest donation, 1 million yuan, is from an anonymous enterprise, and the largest donation by an individual, Lawyer Fan Yun, amounts to 100,000 yuan.

There are over 500 anonymous donations. Of these donations, one by "anonymous person" amounts to 53,000 yuan, and one by "the Yangs" 31,000 yuan.

40 newly enrolled college students gets aided

On the morning of September 2, Dahongying School Fund held a ceremony for the granting of student aid to the freshman students newly recruited by colleges. 40 freshman students newly recruited by colleges got the student aid, each 8,000 yuan. This indicates the start of the granting of the student aid.

Reportedly, some of these 40 students are orphans, some are from poverty stricken single-parent families, and some are from jobless families.

Since 1997 when the fund was established, the granted student aid has added up to 11.47 million yuan, benefitting 3,385 students.

Charity sales of paintings and calligraphic works on the net to aid students from poor families

A long scroll of painting with calligraphy is paving the way for a couple of students from poor families. Recently, a poster on the townsmen website of Xiangshan, titled as "Seven talents' cooperated painting offered for sale to aid students of the hometown" has capture the attention of thousands of netizens, with click rate ranking high. A charity sales by the artistic circle of Xiangshan in under way.

On July 17, logging on the townsmen website of Xiangshan, one can see a long scroll of painting, 4,800 mm long, 425mm wide, done by seven calligraphers, painters and poets.

In the net sale, many netizens actively bid for the picture and expressed their feelings about the sale. One said: "This is an invaluable painting with love." Another said; "I've always wanted to do something for students of my hometown. Though I intended to realize the wish by bidding for the picture, the price has exceeded my ability to buy it. Now I'll try to realize it another way: whoever is the final bidder, I'll give him or her another painting of my own for free."

According to the host of the website, this is a new mode to aid students from poor families. Later on, more charitable items will be offered for sale on the net, the money from which will be solely devoted to aiding students.

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