City will gradually implement inclusive private kindergarten and public kindergartens same price

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Published: Monday, 02 July 2012 09:00
source 2012-7-2 8:53:50 Ningbo Evening News
  Reporters learned from the City Board of Education, Ningbo City, pre-school education to promote Ordinance was put into effect since yesterday. The regulations for pre-school institutions set up with approval, the principles of the qualifications and rights of employees, conservation and education, financial support pre-school education and efforts to protect the relevant provisions. Inclusive kindergarten proportion receiving public financial assistance, which will significantly improve the neighborhoods in kindergarten must build public or private kindergarten inclusive, non-annual per capita income in the Code of professional teachers in more than 1.5 times the average wage of local society, financial the proportion of pre-school education expenditure as a percentage of the education budget at the same level of not less than 8%, mental and physical health damage to children by the corresponding treatment is five highlights of the Ordinance.
  The Ordinance provides that the city should actively develop an appropriate increase in the proportion of public kindergartens, the number of inclusive private kindergarten. Private kindergartens, the Regulations of the Pratt & Whitney for the general public, non-profit purposes, access to public financial support and in the light of public kindergartens conservation fee in the private kindergarten.
  At present, Ningbo county (city) district is working to develop inclusive private kindergarten for Identification and Management, the future, the Pratt & Whitney proportion of kindergartens receiving public financial assistance will significantly improve. Conservation fee for private kindergarten in Pratt & Whitney, the provisions of the Ordinance with reference to the charges of public kindergartens charge, the progressive introduction of unified charging mechanism of quality and price for Pratt & Whitney private kindergarten and public kindergartens.
  Of the Ordinance, development and construction of urban residential district, shall, in accordance with planning conditions, to educate the land allocated according to the requirements of the land contract arrangements for pre-school construction land, supporting the construction of pre-school facilities. Residential area supporting the construction of pre-school facilities should be synchronized with the residential area planning, construction simultaneously, synchronous delivery. Clearly defined residential area supporting the construction of pre-school facilities should be used for organized public kindergartens or private kindergarten inclusive. Any unit or individual shall not alter the purpose of supporting pre-school facilities. And residential neighborhoods in the construction of pre-school facilities should give priority to meet the needs of the owners.
  Pre-school distribution has been built residential area, local people's government primary and secondary schools should be to adjust the surplus educational resources and other resources to co-ordinate arrangements, replacement, transformation of pre-school facilities. Which town (township), the street shall be built at least one public kindergartens, with the economic and social development, and appropriately increase the number of office park.
  The Ordinance provides for pre-school funding will be included in the budget of the People's Government at all levels. The proportion of pre-school funding, county (city) district fiscal accounting for the same level of education budget should be not less than 8%, do not hold a high school district not less than 12%. Public kindergartens and private kindergarten inclusive of professional and technical positions qualified non-teachers in their per capita income should reach more than 1.5 times the average wage of local society.
(Reporter Lam Sze boat correspondent Lu Linggang Wang Jing)