Ninghai provide targeted service for enterprises

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Published: Wednesday, 28 January 2015 09:20

Recently, Ninghai County issued a new regulation for talent apartment selling, which will have targeted sale of the talent apartment and allow enterprises to distribute the talent apartment independently. The distribution of the talent apartment will be in line with the contribution of the enterprises. The adjustment of the talent apartment policy changed the previous way of "government judge the talents" to "enterprises judge the talents", which highlights the dominant decision-making of the enterprises. According to the statistics, up to 120 enterprises have used the new policy. 

The adjustment of the new policy was due to the lack of supporting policy for the practical talents of the enterprises. According to the vice director Lin Changchun of the Human Resource and Social Security Bureau, the new mode will promote the integration of service and need and will pave the way for talent work of enterprises. 
Since 2014, Ninghai began exploring the new mode and accelerate the precise matching between enterprises and talents through targeted service. The county encouraged enterprises to cooperate with universities and institutions: enterprises funded the universities to train related talents and universities open relevant courses to train talents. For example, "Risen-lighting" cooperated with Guizhou Commercial Technical College and set up 3 targeted classes. In this way, more than 500 practical talents have been trained for the company. 
The mechanism of introducing talents according to the need of market has been established. According to the new policy issued in 2014, the intermediary will have a subsidy of 300 yuan for introducing one talent to attend the special recruitment fair. During the summer high-end talent recruitment fair in 2014, Ninghai introduced about 600 talents to attend the recruitment fair through intermediary, with the matching ratio over 90%. And the matching preciseness between enterprises and talents has greatly improved. At present, the total talents in Ninghai amounted to about 124 thousand, achieving 124% of the 12th five-year plan. 
Now, Ninghai is trying to build Ningbo Die and Mould Industry Park, Ningbo Thousand Talents Plan Industrial Park and give priority to introduce health, new energy and new material industry.