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Argentine tango troupe to perform in Ningbo

Argentinean tango troupe, Tango Desire Company, will perform at the Ningbo Grand Theatre on January 13.

Tango is a national symbol of Argentina. The tango performed by the Argentine Desire Tango Company is well known for its sensual, intense, vigorous, and sophisticated dancing step. The performers are quite adept at capturing the sensuality and charm of the tango dance. Six superb dancers, five musicians and two first-class singers will present classic tangos including "Argentina, do not cry for me," and "Libertango".

Tango originated in lower-class districts of Buenos Aires, but it soon became popular throughout society and quickly spread to New York, London and Paris and evolved into a stylish social events. The famous Argentine tango composer, Ástor Pantaleón Piazzolla, composed more than 300 tango music including "Farewell, Nonino" and "Libertango" and "The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night". He incorporated classical techniques with national elements and made tango a performing art rich in humanistic spirit.

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