Inheriting "Hongbang tailor" culture and spirit

Category: Culture Ningbo
Published: Monday, 09 January 2012 15:14

"By taking the course on 'Hongbang tailor' culture, I have got a deep insight into the history of 'Hongbang tailor' dress-making and are greatly encouraged by its spirit. Especially I have come to understand some basic principles such as how to learn, how to live a life and how to do things." said Zheng Fang, a garment major from Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College.

Since the beginning of 2010, the college officially opened the courses on Hongbang tailor culture, lecturing to students the spirit and essence of the culture.

In Zhejiang Textile & Fashion College, the "Hongbang tailor" atmosphere is everywhere. There are Hongbang culture society, Hongbang culture exhibition hall, Hongbang dress shops and Hongbang street. Besides, the underground corridor connecting the teaching area and living area is rearranged as Hongbang culture exhibiting area, so that the students can feel the charm of the  Hongbang culture at ease.       

The Hongbang culture festival, held three times a year, is a good occasion to promote the Hongbang spirit and develop campus culture, through a series of activities such as crafts and skills contest, business plan competition, credit experiencing activity and idea collecting activity.