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First jade cultural museum to be opened

News came from the related cultural department of Haishu District on December 14, a specialized museum themed on jade, that is, Yongxing Hall Jade Cultural Museum, has completed its fitting up and started its interior exhibition preparations. As the first jade cultural museum and the first private museum in Haishu District, it will officially open its door to visitors in December 27.

It is said that Mao Xuejun, the founder of the museum, is a native of Fenghua County. He has showed great interest in jade since his childhood, and he later on got a doctor’s degree from the archaeology department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and is now the vice-chairman of the Chinese Jade Culture Professional Committee. Over 600 pieces of precious ancient jade wares, works of modern and contemporary masters and valuable Hetian jade carvings will be exhibited in the museum. Besides, at the opening of the museum, the 5th national jade treasures exhibition in Ningbo will be held. The museum will also serve as the jade culture working base for Chinese Culture and Information Association

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