First intangible cultural heritage exhibition unveiled in Ningbo

Category: Culture Ningbo
Published: Tuesday, 08 October 2013 11:26

Being the first of its kind in Ningbo, the Exhibition of Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage opened in Ningbo Cultural Plaza last Friday, which featured lacquer painting, tiger shoes making and other cultural classics on national, provincial and city levels. The event attracted numerous local visitors upon opening.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition showcased a number of local cultural performances, including Yong opera staged by a drama club in Jiangdong District, lion dances from Fenghua, and Zaofu (meaning shoulder dancing in mandarin) from Chaiqiao Village in Beilun District.

The display area featured a number of intangible cultural heritage items. The "Ninghai bamboo" booth displayed their dustpans and baskets with a variety of patterns and shapes, which attracted many visitors. Yu Xingfu, 68 -year-old master of "Ninghai bamboo" art, said regretfully that these bamboo products are rarely produced as few people master the skill now. He added that he would be happy to teach the art skills to willing young people.

With the theme of "Understanding our traditional culture and protecting intangible cultural heritage", the event consists of a performance show, an art exhibition and a craft training class. Visitors can not only watch performances of dragon dances and lion dances on stage, but also participate in the making of certain items. They can also sit in the "intangible cultural heritage classroom" and learn traditional crafts like how to weave bamboo leaves or make dough figures.