Cultural Banquet for the Spring Festival

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Published: Tuesday, 10 March 2015 10:18

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2015-02-02 11:57:04

The Municipal Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television has been trying to make the cultural activities accessible by the people and benefit the people in 2014. In the past year, it has expanded the media channels for Natural Stage such as square, hall, theatre and TV. It also further upgraded public cultural service brands like Tianyi Classroom, Tianyi Library, Stars Gallery, Star Classroom and lecture exhibition. In the whole year, more than 6000 cultural shows have been held; the 331 project has been promoted to play films for the people, which set up 204 domestic sites for film playing, 58 public film bases and 54 digital film halls in the countryside. It also carried out books delivery service for the rural people. With the service, the books people ordered will be delivered to them. In the past year, more than 300 thousand books have been borrowed and renewed. 
With the coming of Spring Festival, Ningbo has prepared a series of excellent cultural products which embody the core value of socialism and are liked by the public. The cultural activities during the Spring Festival include three major parts: cultural performances and shows, exhibitions and films.


Firstly, cultural performances. From the start of Spring Festival to Lantern Festvial, Ningbo Performance and Art Group have prepared local operas include: Yue Operas like He Wenxiu, River of Flowers, the legend of a scholar, Birthday Party, Gentleman of Flower, Three Visits to the Emperor’s Sister and A Dream of Glory; Yong Operas like the Story of a Snail Girl, the Moon on Spring River, Pearl Pagoda, the Mother Is Going to Remarry, Borrow Wife, Yang Naiwu and Xiao Baicai, and the Separated Couple. The operas will be shown in theaters such as Ninghai Theatre, Yuyao Longshan theatre, Jiangbei Cultural Hall, Baiyu Experimental Theatre, Xiangshan Cultural Center, Jiangshan Lion Hill Theatre, Ningbo Poly Theatre, Zhenhai Hall, Zhenhai Cultural and Art Center and Qiuga Theatre.
Yifu Theatre will have shows including Yue Opera Robbed Marriage by Tiger Wang and Blood Fingerprint by Yuyao Yue Opera Troupe, and Taolimei, White Rabbit and the Butterfly Dream by Yinzhou Yue Opera Troupe. Ningbo Grand Theatre will also have audio-visual concerts like Double Fly and 4 Classics. Other performances and shows also include Pingtan Legend of Chen Yuanyuan and Pinghua the Great Man in Folk Music Theatre, the new year concert in Concert Hall.

Secondly, exhibitions. Ningbo Museum will hold a 7-day activity during the Spring Festival, including paper-cutting show, couplet show, Guzheng Playing, Magic Show and Shadow Play. Tianyi Pavilion Museum will hold exhibitions and salons like Li Caijiao Painting Show and Sheng Yuanlong Painting Show. Besides, it will also launch a series of activity called “Our Festival”, including photograph contest, spring couplets by Young calligraphers and 2015 Spring Concert. There is also a lecture about the traditional food of Spring Festival. 
Besides the traditional activities like Children DIY postcards competition, lectures on Children Chinese Classical Music, spring couplets and book exchange, Ningbo Library will also have world classical love story movie show in Tianyi Music Hall. In addition, there are also musical culture salon and the voice of micro card.

Thirdly, movies. Ningbo Yingdu Cinema, Minguang Cinema, Times Cinema, Wanda Cinema and Haishang Cinema have prepared animations like the Hero of Color Cities, Monkey King: Hero Is back, Big Hero 6; adventure movies like Wolf Totem; comedies like An Inspector Calls and the Wonderful Wedding; Science Fiction like Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part1; action movies like Dragon Blade and Wolf Warriors.
Ningbo Cultural Museum, Baoguo Temple Ancient Building Museum and Qingan House will also prepare activities like 2015 Plum Flower Garden Party, Ningbo Private Museum Picture show, Wang Zehuan Chinese Painting show and Fengzhu Art Gallery Show and the Third Zhejiang Provincial City Statue Candidates show. 
Ningbo Science and Exploration Center prepares parents-children activity like “run, scientific boys and girls”, “Children’s Fair”, “Scientific Magic Party” and “Happy Lantern Festival”. 
Besides, each city and county also prepared various cultural activities like Our Festival in Haishu, Cultural Shows to the East in Jiangdong and Look, Act and Learn Every Day in Yinzhou district. 
In order to express thankfulness to the public, Ningbo Yingdu Cinema and Minguang Cinema also have launched special offers like small gifts and free tickets for the movie-goers. During the Spring Festival, there will also be a variety of TV shows on the different channels like the Old Village, a documentary about the ancient and cultural village in Ningbo on Ningbo TV 1; the Natural Stage on Ningbo TV 2 will have programs like the customs of Spring Festival in Ningbo and My Stories with Spring Festival Gala; Soap Opera Yanghang Street, a favorite of the public, will continue on Ningbo TV 3 during Spring Festival; Tianyi Interviews of Cultural Figures on Ningbo TV 5 will introduce the local famous cultural figures; Tianyi Classroom will invite Huang Yongsong to talk about the customs of Spring Festival in Ningbo and Shaoxing Plain.