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10 Ningbo enterprises included in “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”

On the afternoon of September 20, China Enterprise Confederation and China Enterprise Directors Association released three lists: “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”, “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises” and “China Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises”. To be specific, 10 enterprises in Ningbo are included in the “2023 China Top 500 Enterprises”, 18 enterprises in the “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, and 13, in the “China Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises”.

Compared with last year, there was an addition of a Ningbo enterprise in the “China Top 500 Enterprises”. Youngor ranks 161st with a revenue of 171.5 billion yuan for 2022; Jintian Holdings ranks 195th with 134.569 billion yuan; China-base Ningbo Group ranks 223rd with 116.077 billion yuan; and AUX ranks 298th with 81.08 billion yuan. Grand Resources, FUTURECO, and Shanshan Corporation rank 312th, 365th, and 367th with a revenue of 76.115 billion yuan, 62.766 billion yuan, and 62.541 billion yuan respectively. Besides, Fubang Holdings ranks 399th with 57.521 billion yuan; Junsheng Electronics ranks 475th with 49.793 billion yuan; and Ningbo Development & Investment Group ranks 499th with 47 billion yuan.

18 Ningbo enterprises were selected into the “China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises”, including Youngor, Jintian Holdings, AUX, Shanshan Corporation, Fubang Holdings, Junsheng Electronics, Shenzhou Knitting, Peacebird, Deli Group, Lisi Group, Shunyu Group, RISEN Group, Boyang Holdings, Zhongzhe Holdings, Huaxiang Group, Lygend Group, Jifeng Co. Ltd., and Guangbo Holdings.

The 13 enterprises included in the “China Top 500 Service Industry Enterprises” are China-base Ningbo Group, Grand Resources, FUTURECO, Ningbo Development & Investment Group, Sunrise Group, Jun’an Holdings, Huamao Group, Southeast Logistics Group, Veken Group, Tengtou (Ningbo) Group, Haitian Group, Guagua Agricultural Technology, and Ningxing Group

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