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Top 20 Industrial Counties with Best Business Environments of Zhejiang Released, 5 Counties of Ningbo on the List

Since August 2021, the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce has focused on the major industrial counties (cities, districts) in our province for the first time, and carried out the work of "evaluating the business environment of 10,000 private enterprises" in our province in 2021, and released the "2021 Business Environment" on January 12. Annual Report on Business Environment Evaluation of Ten Thousand Private Enterprises in Zhejiang Province.

A total of 10,399 valid questionnaires were collected in this evaluation, and the number of large, medium, small and micro sample enterprises accounted for 5.74%, 23.68%, 51.84% and 18.74% respectively, covering machinery manufacturing, textile and clothing, construction, commercial retail, Internet 25 industries.

Based on the scores of five first-level indicators, including factor environment, legal environment, government affairs environment, market environment, and innovation environment, it is concluded that the 20 industrial counties (cities, districts) with the highest overall evaluation of business environment are: Yiwu City and Xiaoshan District. , Yinzhou District, Jiangbei District, Wuxing District, Haishu District, Jiashan County, Haining City, Yuecheng District, Tongxiang City, Shangcheng District, Fuyang District, Beilun District, Keqiao District, Binjiang District, Ruian City, Lin'an District, Yuyao City, Yongkang City and Wenling City

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