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811 million! Ningbo signs large purchase order with “Belt and Road" Countries

As the most important event of the Ningbo Trading Group of the 4th CIIE, yesterday afternoon, Ningbo and the "Belt and Road" countries trade matchmaking and major procurement project signing event was held in Shanghai.


Approximately 100 exhibitors from countries along the “Belt and Road” have trade negotiations with manufacturing enterprises, importers and distributors from Ningbo. 14 projects were signed on-site, including 5 procurement projects with an intended purchase amount of US$811 million, 7 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of US$1.454 billion, 2 domestic-funded projects with a total investment of US$617 million.

The seven foreign-funded projects mainly involve investment and cooperation in chemical industry, equity investment, industrial chain, environmental protection and complex. The source of the project covers   the United States, Germany, Thailand, and Hong Kong, China.

The five procurement projects involved meat, fast food, Indian peppers and daily necessities, as well as raw material and bulk commodity copper concentrates. The intended purchase amount of US$811 million filled Ningbo's "shopping cart" for the China International Expo.

In terms of the contracted amount of procurement projects, like last year, the food category still tops the list. Ningbo Lianbang Changyun International Trade Co., Ltd. signed a large order of US$500 million to import frozen meat from France's Deerta Company, which was agreed to be completed in 3 years. Ningxing Youbei International Trade Co., Ltd. followed closely, placing an order of RMB1.3 billion to purchase fast food products such as South Korea's Samyang turkey noodles, which is expected to be completed in one year.

Actively undertaking and amplifying the spillover effect of the CIIE, Ningbo also signed two major domestic-funded projects at the matchmaking site, including the production of raw materials and preparations and the sodium hyaluronate industrial park project, demonstrating Ningbo’s compelling business environment and innovative development to outstanding projects

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