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Ningbo will form a CEE Commodity Purchasing Alliance

The mellow taste of Polish Milk, the fragrant Bulgarian rose water, the romantic and clear Czech crystal... With the increasing business exchanges between Ningbo and CEEC, Ningbo locals are not unfamiliar to these Central and Eastern European imports. What good products and good news will the second China-CEEC Expo bring to us?

It is learned that, as the host of the Expo, Ningbo plans to fully expand imports from Central and Eastern European countries in the next five years and establish a Central and Eastern European Commodity Purchasing Alliance to build Ningbo into a bridge and window for Central and Eastern European products to enter the domestic market.

The function of this alliance is not just to organize a group to shop in Central and Eastern Europe.

It will connect the embassies, consulates and business associations of China and Central and Eastern European countries, integrate high-quality specialty commodities, humanities and culture, tourism and other industries, open up the upstream and downstream industries of the supply chain such as logistics, finance, and trade, and provide one-stop services such as business consulting, financial services, import agents, channel sales and warehousing logistics.

"Our goal is to increase the volume of imports of Central and Eastern Europe, and build Ningbo into the first city for Central and Eastern European companies to enter the Chinese market. Through supply chain product integration, supply chain service integration, sales channel integration, product selection, centralized procurement, etc. , the alliance will help people to buy high-quality and low-cost special products of Central and Eastern Europe more easily." said Chen Youxiang, the relevant person in charge of the Central and Eastern European Commodity Purchasing Alliance Organizing Committee and President of Zhongning Chemical Group.

For a long time, Ningbo companies engaged in imports from Central and Eastern Europe have been fighting separately, and the establishment of the alliance will allow everyone to develop together." Chen Youxiang introduced that the alliance's "collective buying and selling" helps companies find more good products, and the scale effect of group purchasing can reduce costs and allow consumers to buy more cost-effective products.

“Ningbo’s import trade with Central and Eastern Europe still has great potential for improvement, especially in the areas of agricultural products, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc. Next, we will also focus on specialty categories such as auto parts, beverages, dairy products, grains and oils, linking more overseas resources to China, and giving citizens more choices." Chen Youxiang said

It is reported that Ningbo will hold the inauguration ceremony of the Central and Eastern European Commodity Purchasing Alliance on June 8, the opening of this expo. At present, 100 enterprises in the industry have joined the alliance, not only local enterprises in Ningbo, but also many from all over the country and foreign businessmen, business associations, and foreign business organizations in Central and Eastern European countries such as Greece, Serbia, and Hungary. The members cover import suppliers, supply chain services and other related fields.

In addition, the Purchasing Alliance will integrate functions such as warehousing, distribution, online and offline sales, and drop shipping to provide one-stop e-commerce full-process services for foreign brands and Central and Eastern European companies to enter the Chinese market, and help bilateral brand incubation, Cultural exchanges and tourism promotion.

Statistics show that from January to April this year, Ningbo’s imports and exports to 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe reached 11.96 billion yuan, an increase of 48.8% year-on-year, including imports RMB2.69 billion, an unprecedented increase of 241.2%. With the joint efforts of people from all walks of life, this cake will continue to grow bigger

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