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AEO certification helps foreign trade companies to take off

Recently, Ningbo Customs issued the "Customs Advanced Certification Enterprise Certificate" to Ningbo Banmen Electric Co., Ltd. of Bull Group, marking that the company has successfully passed the customs AEO advanced certification and became the first enterprise in Ningbo to pass the voluntary application in 2021.

It is learned that the AEO advanced certification enterprise refers to the enterprise with the highest credit rating recognized by the World Customs Organization. It is a model and advanced benchmark for import and export enterprises. The passing rate of AEO advanced certification is extremely low. Currently, there are more than 48,000 foreign trade import and export enterprises in Ningbo. Among them, there are 95 advanced certification companies, accounting for less than 0.2%.

"After passing the advanced certification, Banmen Electric can enjoy the lowest inspection rate of imported and exported goods and can apply to the customs for exemption of guarantee money, reducing the frequency of enterprise inspections. The customs will set up special coordinators for enterprises to solve various difficulties and

problems in the customs clearance process and the efficiency of customs clearance of enterprises will be effectively improved.” said the head of the Ningbo Customs Credit Management Section

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