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Ningbo to build 100 high-quality demonstration sitting grounds

Recently, as a national “civilized city” for the past five consecutive years, Ningbo has put forward a new requirement for the urban civilization construction, that is, in 2020, 20 demonstration sitting grounds will be built in parks, business centers and scenic areas of Ningbo, and by the end of 2022, there will be 100 such high-quality demonstration areas in the city.

“The sitting grounds refer to those areas where people can just come and sit on without worrying about dirtying their pants.” said the director of the Urban Environment Department of Ningbo Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau. In accordance with the construction standards of the sitting grounds,

there should be no blind hygiene spots in the public areas, no dirt on the roads, no stained furniture, no garbage on waters, clean roads and green landscapes. “We use the white gloves as a testing tool. For example, if the white gloves become dirty after touching the benches in parks or under the bus shelters, those places will be identified as substandard. The approving work is now well under way.”

New cleaning models come along with the upgraded standards. Now at the “urban sitting rooms”, the electric sweepers and the M20 chemical decontamination cars have been adopted to realize the mechanical-based and labor-assisted operation model. A number of volunteers have also participated in the cleaning job on their own initiative.

The sitting grounds represent the face of the city. With the UAV monitoring and the big-data management, Ningbo has been making efforts to promote the urban treatment action, especially of such major areas as the markets of farm produce, urban villages, house rooves, underground spaces and coastlines. Since the resumption of work, Ningbo has cleaned over 25,400 rooves of the business buildings and urban and rural residences, resulting in over 4,000 tons of garbage.

“The construction of the demonstration sitting grounds is part of the high-standard and normalized urban civilization construction. Ningbo has put forward the objective of striving to become the model of the ‘important windows’ of Zhejiang Province. We will continue to strengthen the people’s sense of gain and sense of happiness, and strive to build Ningbo a national civilized city for the sixth consecutive year.” said a person in charge from Ningbo Civilization Office

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