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Investment Promotion Roadshow for the 3rd China International Fair held in Ningbo

On the morning of July 14, the Investment Promotion Roadshow for the 3rd China International Import Expo was held in Ningbo.

This investment promotion roadshow is held mainly for buyers of technical equipment, service trade and consumer products of the Expo. It introduced the basic situation of the Expo and the progress of the preparation work. "The exhibition area of the first session of the Expo is 270,000 square meters and the second session

is 330,000 square meters. Now the planned exhibition area of the third session of the Expo has reached 360,000 square meters. As of June, the recruitment work has been basically completed. The scale expands year by year." Liu Fuxue, deputy director of China International Import Expo Bureau, recommended Ningbo to take advantage of the Expo, increase international procurement, promote cultural exchange and cooperation, and further build Ningbo into a leading open and cooperation city in China.

Zhou Guanchao, Deputy Commissioner of the Ministry of Commerce in Hangzhou, said that the Expo was held as scheduled, reflecting our country's role as a big country and also providing opportunities for global companies to expand the Chinese market. We look forward to the active participation of Ningbo Trading Group and relevant buyers to seize the world-class opportunities for open cooperation, and to inject "power of exhibition" for Ningbo's economic development

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