Ningbo Software Industrial Park holds match-making meetings with unicorn start-ups

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 27 July 2020 14:12

On July 3, Ningbo Software Industrial Park held an online match-making meeting for unicorn companies at Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone. Four unicorn enterprises, including eClick Worldwide and 4Paradigm, and six high-growth potential unicorn companies such as  IDRIVERPLUS, SoundAI and SensingTech participated in the matchmaking event, which focused on artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, AI + healthcare, smart governments, cloud offices.

 Business leaders have expressed their willingness to cooperate with Ningbo online. eClick Worldwide intends to set up its southern headquarter, cross-border

professional services base, cross-border new business model base and talent training center in Ningbo within three years so as to build an internet cross-border port for Chinese enterprises., which hopes to reach a long-term agreement with Ningbo, provides manufacturing and foreign trade enterprises with a full range of services such as credit, supply chain and financing; 4Paradigm relies on the leading " AutoML" and other technologies to create an intelligent and integrated hub in Ningbo's intelligent manufacturing sector and to build a regional artificial intelligence platform.

"Ningbo's development needs the support of a constant stream of talents and the full support of businesspeople and entrepreneurs. This matchmaking meeting is just the beginning of Ningbo Hi-Tech Zone's efforts to establish ties with innovative benchmarking companies with leading technologies in the industry. Going forward, the high-tech zone will gather a series of advantages in factor resources, policy dividends and institutional mechanisms to provide a sound environment for enterprises and projects to operate", said a spokesperson of the administration committee of the high-tech zone