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Ningbo's annual goal of “Ease Consumptive City” launched

It is learned from Ningbo Market Superintend Management Bureau that focusing on the aim of building “Ease Consumptive City”, Ningbo carries out the 2020 Quality Supermarkets of Food Security Demonstration Action. Ningbo plans to newly build more than 3 provincial “Meat and Vegetable Security Demonstration Supermarkets", more than 5 “Ningbo Food Security Demonstration Supermarkets” and more than 60 ‘Ningbo Food Security Standard Supermarkets”. Ningbo will also conduct follow-up evaluations of 12 provincial “Meat and Vegetable Security Demonstration Supermarkets” and 32 “Ningbo Food Security Demonstration Supermarkets”. By the end of the year, the total number of "Security Supermarkets" will reach 100.

According to the task released by the provincial government, Ningbo will cultivate 30,000 ease consumptive companies, 10,000 no-hassle return companies, 4000 security plants and 13 security blocks.

With food security as a major issue, Security Supermarkets Demonstration Action will promote the layer management of quality supermarkets. In line with high international standards. “Meat and Vegetable Security Demonstration Supermarkets" will guide supermarkets to perfect purchasing pattern patterns, strengthening "double audit" of suppliers and bases, be strict with test standards, achieve total cold chain control and disclose information, cultivating “Quality Meat and Vegetable Shoppe” and  “Quality Meat and Vegetable Brands”. “Food Security Demonstration Supermarkets” will strengthen risk control and work hard to set up industry benchmarks. “Food Security Standard Supermarkets” will focus on laying foundations and feed the weakness, abiding by laws and regulations.

In addition, Ningbo will continue to promote the upgrading of farmers markets. Strive to realize the annual goal by the end of 2020: the coverage rate of the urban two-star and above farmers markets and rural star-level farmers market surpasses 90%; newly add more than 40 three-star and above farmers markets and more than 90 provincial security farmers markets. Ningbo will continue to improve the construction of security kitchens of rural family feasts. After the upgrading of 500 kitchens, in 2020, 80 kitchens of rural family feasts will be renewed and 310 “Sunshine Kitchens” for middle and primary schools and kindergartens will be established

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