Nine Ningbo enterprises rank among Top 200 foreign traders in China

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Friday, 08 May 2020 12:57

Recently, the 2019 list of Top 200 Foreign Traders in China has been released by the Chinese Customs magazine. As a major foreign trade city, Ningbo has nine enterprises included in the list, compared with eight in 2018. To be specific, four enterprises in Ningbo are included in the top 200 importers, andĀ five, in the top 200 exporters.

The four enterprises included in the top 200 importers are Sunny Optical Technology, Jintian Group, Taihua Xingye and China-Base Ningbo Group, ranking No.94, No.146, No.154 and No.155 respectively.

Then the five enterprises included in the top 200 exporters are Risen Energy, Aux, Shenzhou Textile, Wanhua Chemicals (Ningbo) and China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade, ranking No.123, No.158, No.159, No.165 and No.182 respectively.

It is worth noting that the top ten importers and exporters of the list still go to such enterprises as Huawei and Hongfu Precision Electronics, the leading enterprises in the electronics industry, a field Ningbo is not so good at. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of the foreign trade in Ningbo still lies in theĀ standing out of such high-tech enterprises as the Risen Energy. It is hoped that Ningbo enterprises will have a big say in the field with more local enterprises ranking among the top 100