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Key projects construction leading to high-quality urban development

The online launching ceremony of the Talent Day of Ningbo was held by Ningbo Cultural Creativity Port on April 19, the Grain Rain day of the year, with 1,000 talent representatives participating and about one million online viewers. With the start of the construction of the core section of the port, also the first phase of the project, the cultural creativity port is becoming a new landmark for innovation and entrepreneurship in Ningbo.

About four kilometers away, the main structure of the 249-meter tall Ningbo Tower will soon be completed, and this skyscraper, eagerly expected by the citizens, will be completed by the end of 2020 and will be put into use in mid-2021. At that time, the building and the New World Square at its foot will contribute to Ningbo’s optimization of its urban image.

The year of 2020 is the last year for the “three-year action of six fights in Ningbo”. With the economic recovery from the corona-virus epidemic,

Ningbo is at present accelerating the construction pace of the key projects. This year, there will be 385 key projects at the municipal level, with a total investment of 897.62 billion yuan and the planned investment of 123.46 billion yuan for the year.  “Currently, we should give full play to the ‘engine and demonstration’ role of the key projects, especially the major projects, landmark projects and functional projects, so as to provide strong momentum and solid support for the high-quality economic and social development of our city.” said a person in charge from the Key Project Management Department of Ningbo Development and Reform Commission.

With this favorable situation, the construction of key projects has been accelerated in the seven major fields including agricultural ecology, transportation, industry, energy, services, urban construction and social development. Especially in the major transportation, industrial and urban construction blocks, a group of key projects with strong strategic, leading and public features have been promoted efficiently for implementation.

The orientation of the key projects is very important as it should be closely related with the national, provincial and municipal strategic planning and policies. Therefore, a group of key industrial projects in such fields as new equipment, new energy and new materials have been selected to support the construction of the “246” billion-level industrial clusters in Ningbo. For example, the infrastructure of the membrane industrial production base and the membrane R&D innovation center of SINOCHEM, the promotion of the application demonstration project of the high-end marine energy equipment system, and the start of the international innovative industrial project for intelligent manufacturing of Helishi, Cixi County, are part of the “hardcore” force for the high-quality development of the city.

Some key projects are in such fields as education, health, care of the elderly, future community and urban village upgrading, the areas related with people’s livelihood. In 2020, the Health Service Center of the Hangzhou Bay and the eastern branch of Yinzhou People’s Hospital will start construction. The relocation projects of the Gulin Vocational School and Yinzhou Vocational Education Center School will be started. The second phase of the reconstruction of the shanty area of the northern part of Jiaochuan Street will be completed and the third phase will start in September. All these projects are expected to further enhance the social livelihood and the public service level of the city.

To ensure the solid promotion of the key projects, Ningbo has set up the coordination mechanism between the municipal level and the district (or county) level, with the detailed targets and clear responsibilities, thus realizing the precise matching between the project demands and the arrangements of resource elements like capital, land, energy consumption and environmental emission index, and doing a good job in the expansion of the effective investment

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