High-level talent introduction platform built

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 06 April 2020 13:42

On April 1, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Affairs that, as an important platform for the introduction and cultivation of high-quality talents, the construction of post-doctoral workstations in our city has achieved remarkable results.

It is learned that the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security recently issued a notice that in 2019, there were 28 new postdoctoral workstations in Ningbo and 30 licenses, accounting for 20.5% and 25.2% of the total number of the province, ranking first in the province and surpassing Hangzhou for the first time. As of now, there are 189 post-doctoral (mobile) stations in Ningbo. In 2019, there were 1017 new doctors and post-doctoral students in the city, with a total of 7893.

The coming of these highly-skilled talents has also brought about rapid development opportunities for enterprises.

Risenenergy introduced Yuan Sheng, Ph.D. from Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. After less than a year and a half, the production line PERC battery efficiency has been steadily improved. The battery efficiency has reached the level of high-efficiency batteries in developed countries, and the cost is lower. Technically, it guarantees the existing advantages of China's photovoltaic industry in the next few years; Fang Liang and Shen Min, two post-doctoral doctors introduced by MedicalSystem Co., Ltd., have helped companies to obtain 15 patents in key technology fields in the past three years, and have successively developed new immunological diagnostics. Breakthroughs have been made in the research of key technologies and industrialization of reagents and supporting instruments, and in the research and industrialization of key technologies in fluorescent immunochromatographic rapid detection systems, which have directly generated nearly 400 million yuan economic benefits for enterprises