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Haishu speeds up emerging industry development

The automatic face mask machine independently developed by the City Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute has realized automatic statistics of mask production capacity and product quality tracing, and has functions such as automatic data collection and production management cloud platform access, which has enabled the production per minute of the traditional mask to double; the 5G garment intelligent manufacturing demonstration platform jointly created by Youngor and China Unicom relies on the new "central system" to connect production bases across the country, reducing the wired network cost of the workshop, and improving flexible manufacturing capabilities ...  

At present, Haishu has gathered a group of high-level scientific research institutes such as Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute, Ningbo Qingshuiwan Intelligent Technology Research Institute, Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, etc. Industrial Internet Platform construction, operation system and application software development has achieved outstanding results. The big health industry's revenue in 2019 is about 11 billion yuan, with about 6,000 employees. A number of leading companies such as Lihua Pharmaceutical,

Yofoto, and Aucheer have emerged, and medical and health innovation results have continued. The construction of 5G base stations is in full swing. It is expected that in 2020, the main urban areas and key towns of Haishu will achieve full coverage of 5G signals. 

How to seize the opportunity to develop new industries in key areas? "Our strategy is to work steadily, take advantage of pilot demonstrations by industry, combine research and development, and make solid progress." The head of the District Economic and Information Bureau said.  

At present, Haishu has collected representative and willing companies from the textile and apparel, medical and health, and auto parts industries to implement the "5G + Industrial Internet" or "intelligent manufacturing" project. Through the exploration and demonstration of pilot enterprises, typical industry cases have been formed, thus driving the industry to participate extensively in "technical transformation." At the same time, in response to the key issues that arise in the promotion of specific projects, actively guide the institutes in the joint zone of enterprises to implement "directional breakthroughs"

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