"Ningbo People Tour Ningbo" event begins

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 06 April 2020 13:36

On March 28, the 2020 “Ningbo People Tour Ningbo” campaign for one million employees started, and Ningbo employees' recuperation products were released simultaneously. This marked the official kick-off of the "Ningbo People's Tour to Ningbo" event, and Ningbo's cultural tourism industry accelerated its recovery.  

This event is one of the major measures to implement the "Ten Actions to Raise Confidence and Promote Consumption" of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. It is jointly sponsored by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television, and Tourism Administration. And employees from key domestic source areas came to Ningbo for recuperation, promoted the recovery of Ningbo's cultural tourism market, and attracted tourists to stimulate cultural tourism consumption.

"At present, the Ningbo employee recuperation products have been officially launched. The first batch of 169 recommended products include employee recuperation five-day tours, three-day tours, and one-day tours, etc., designed for the majority of employees. These elite routes are already available on the Mafengwo line Published on the platform. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau said.

The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Tourism also jointly issued a new policy on employee recuperation activities in 2020. The Municipal Federation of Trade Unions plans to arrange nearly 30,000 outstanding front-line employees to participate in free recuperation and health check-ups.

In addition, the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions Staff Recreation Tourism Service Co., Ltd. has signed contracts with Zhenhai District, Cixi City, Yuyao City, Ninghai County, Xiangshan County and other places on the “2020 Ningbo Union Retirement Route for Shanghai Union Workers”. Jiangbei District, Beilun District, Haishu District, Dongqian Lake, Hangzhou Bay New District, Meishan and other three groups of signing representatives came on stage to sign the contract, opening the "Ningbo People Traveling Ningbo"cross-regional travel mode.  

In the next stage, the city will further deepen the integration of culture and tourism, vigorously promote "culture +" "tourism +", develop new personalized tourism products such as research, retirement, leisure, fitness, medicine, and improve service quality. At the same time, further intensify publicity and promotion, through the "Ningbo People Traveling Ningbo" activity, set off a climax of "touring Ningbo", start the "Ancient Port of Maritime Silk Road and Smiling Ningbo" tourism brand, and organize a series of activities "seeing the sea along the Grand Canal", to attract tourists from the Yangtze River Delta and the whole country to Ningbo