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Major cultural events in place for Chinese New Year in Ningbo

As Year of the Rat approaches, Ningbo has arranged a series of cultural events for its citizens such as opera performances, museum and art gallery visits, plum appreciation, paper cutting and inscription rubbing.

Opera performances are a must-watch on the lunar new year’s eve, as Ningbo Yifu Theater, TianRan WuTai, Ningbo Grand Theater and Ningbo Cultural Plaza Grand Theater introduce classic opera shows. In addition, on the night of January 14, Yue Opera Spring Festival Gala will be held at Ningbo Grand Theater.

Ningbo Yifu Theater will host wonderful Yue Opera shows in the afternoons from January 29 to January 31, which are presented by Yinzhou Yue Opera Troupe and Yuyao Yue Opera Troupe. From February 6 to February 8, Suzhou Kun Opera Troupe will

bring a brand new show-watching experience by showcasing the whole version of The Peony Pavilion. On February 10, Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe will give plays named Five Daughters Offering Felicitation and Escape From Banishment.

Museums also become a hot spot for urban dwellers during the Spring Festival. Ningbo Museum, Tianyige Museum, China Port Museum, Ningbo Bang Museum, Qing'an Guildhall and Ningbo Museum of Art will exhibit great shows featuring cultural relics, calligraphy, lacquer paintings, Ningbo-born natives, local customs and high arts.

What’s more, plum blossoms at Baoguosi Museum of Ancient Architecture, together with plum-associated cultural exhibitions, will be presented from January 18, attracting multiple visitors.

A number of live experiencing events will also be launched. On January 18, Tianyige Museum will give out spring festival couplets, Year of the Rat paper-cuts and inscriptions. On the nights of January 27 and 28, a concert show will be put on at the ancient theater pavilion of Qin Shi Zhi Ci.

Various films are scheduled to release on the first day of Chinese New Year, such as China’s Women Volleyball, Legend of Defication, Lost in Russia, Detective Chinatown 3, The Rescue

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