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2019 "Intangible Cultural Heritage+Tourism" kicks off

On November 5th, the launching ceremony of the “Fabulous Ningbo” 2019 Intangible Cultural Heritage + Tourism was held at the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum. At the launching ceremony, the Municipal Cultural and Tourism Department issued the “Top Ten Intangible Tourism Routes” and held a flag-raising ceremony for the “Intangible cultural heritage into scenic spot” activities. In addition, there is also an award ceremony and teachers’ ceremony for the young inheritors training project. This event in the golden autumn season is a review of the results of the fusion of the “Intangible cultural heritage + tourism” culture and tourism.  


In recent years, the city has adhered to the creative transformation and innovative development of intangible cultural heritage, and deepened the integration of culture and tourism. The top ten innovation practices of “intangible cultural heritage + tourism” have achieved remarkable accomplishments: the city has created a trinity protection model and carefully created brands of intangible cultural heritage, vigorously built intangible cultural heritage towns, actively developed intangible cultural heritage tourism products, supported the construction of private intangible cultural heritage exhibition halls, promoted intangible cultural heritagetourism routes, implemented traditional craft revitalization plans, established Xiangshan fishing culture and ecological protection zones, and brought intangible cultural heritage to scenic spots, village auditoriums and campus, and carried out traditional festival cultural activities, etc.

The top ten intangible cultural heritage tour routes were released on November 5th. They were designed with different intangible cultural heritage bases and related activities in 10 districts and counties (cities). They are: Haishu Liangzhu Love Tour, Yinzhou National Treasure Tour, Jiangbei Ancient County Tour, Zhenhai Business Tour, Beilun Harbour Tour, Fenghua Maitreya Tour, Yuyao Red Tour, Cixi Yue Kiln Celadon Tour, Ninghai Shilihongzhuang Tour, Xiangshan Ocean Fishing Culture Tour

(photo by Zhou Jianping)  

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