More than 4,000 Ningbo enterprises attend Import Expo

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 18 November 2019 16:44

On November 5th, the 2nd China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. From now until November 10, Ningbo, as a foreign trade city, has 4,135 registered enterprises and 10,109 people who went to Shanghai. These two figures are the first in the province.  

"It is another expo. We have already prepared for the professional audience." Referring to this event, Zhangyang, secretary-general of Hardware Tools International Chamber of Commerce Ningbo in Yinzhou District, is looking forward to it. At the 2018 show, the pilotless airplanes, as well as the dazzling array of consumer goods, left a deep impression on her. "In the past, the organizers of the international exhibitions arranged booths for our exporters. Now it is their turn to come to China to set up booths. No matter 5G and drones, or ordinary clothing, food, housing and travel products, come to China to find business opportunities, I hope we can see more good things this year."

At the Expo, high-quality overseas products not only make the audience feast their eyes, but also mean“global buy” business opportunities for many Ningbo buyers. In the 2018 Expo, the cross-border import leader of Ningbo Bonded Zone, Zhengzheng E-Commerce, signed a contract with APWG Group, Australia's leading wine supplier.  This time, the company's general manager Yao Zhengzheng also made preparations.  

I learned from the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce that during the Expo, Ningbo will hold a special event – the trade matchmaking meeting between Ningbo and the countries along the“Belt and Road”and the signing ceremony of major procurement projects, and invite the exhibitors and delegations of countries along the “Belt and Road”to have trade talks with the manufacturing enterprises, importers and distributors of Ningbo, promote the policies of introducing large importers and import facilitation in the city, introduce the cooperation and exchange platform between  Ningbo and the Central and Eastern European countries, and sign a batch of equipment purchase agreement of advanced manufacturing industries.  and other commodity import agreements.

In addition, Ningbo will organize European companies and Ningbo enterprises to participate in the third Zhejiang-Germany (Europe) digital economy and high-tech industry peak matchmaking meeting.  In order to fully undertake the spillover effect of the Expo, Ningbo will actively organize "Ningbo Tour" for participants of the Expo.  The Indonesian Food Exhibitors Group, led by the Minister of Trade of Indonesia, has confirmed to visit Ningbo to participate in the “Ningbo-Indonesia Economic and Trade Forum”