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32nd Ningbo Auto Expo held

The 32nd Ningbo Auto Expo, as well as the smart, internet and new-energy auto show, was kicked off at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center on August 22. This year’s expo will last for five days, and there will be the special exhibition halls for luxury cars and new-energy cars, and some new cars will be released on site.

Having been held for 31 sessions previously, Ningbo Auto Expo has become an important auto show in East China, as well as a wind vane for the auto market of Ningbo. The expo will attract all the popular brands in the current market and many brands will exhibit on the all-series basis.

To satisfy the needs of the auto fans, the expo will have a special exhibition hall for such luxury car brands as Lamborghini, Maserati and MacLaren. In addition, with the popularity of the “green lifestyle”, the new-energy cars boasting of saving energy and oil have sprung up in Ningbo and some high-end new-energy cars have become the new favorite of the elite class. The special exhibition hall for new-energy cars gives the consumers an opportunity to experience the new development and trend of auto technology.

Besides, as a magnificent feast for auto consumers, the expo will carry out a series of release conferences of new cars

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