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Ningbo takes measures to attract young technicians

At the research center of Geely Auto, Fan Wu, a young technician, has grown up from an ordinary worker of the trial assembly line into a head of the trail production of a series of new vehicle models. At the Cheetah Car Repairing Factory of Ninghai County, the 25-year-old Lin Xianmin has got the title of “senior technician”. Lu Xiangyu, born in 1996 in YuyaoCounty, has become an experienced technician at his post in the Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co. Ltd. The above are just some examples of the distinguished young technicians doing well in their posts, backed up by the policies, platforms, and resources concerned.

In late June, the Liepin Big Data Institute, a prominent domestic human resources organization, released the first “white-paper book for high-quality development and talents of manufacturing in China”. According to the data, for the first half of this year, the manufacturing industry in Ningbo has a net talent inflow rate of 7.56%, ranking No.1 among all the cities inChina. To be specific, among all the talents, those in the age group of 25 to 30 account for 39.31%, and those in the age group of 30to 35 account for 32.02%.

According to a person in charge from Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, with the joint efforts of the government, colleges and universities, and enterprises,Ningbo has more chances to attract the settlement of young technicians. The Zhongyin (Ningbo) Battery Co. Ltd. started the new “double-deer” apprentice classes jointly with the local technical college, where the excellent teaching staff can provide specific training for the young workers and help them to obtain more opportunities for better posts. At the Kate Machinery Co. Ltd., in addition to the apprentice system, it has also carried out the selection for “artisans of the enterprise”, and the selected technicians can get a special subsidy of 500 yuan to 1,000 yuan. Then as for the policies, at the end of 2018, the Organization Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Ningbo Finance Bureau jointly issued the “implementation opinion on further strengthening the construction of skilled personnel and buildingNingbointo a strong skilled city”. With its proposals for further strengthening the construction of skilled personnel training platforms, the policy has provided a range of effective beneficial measures for the skilled workers in such aspects as technical upgrading, welfare treatment, and incentive mechanism

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