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High-End New Material Industrial Park opens

The High-End New Material Industrial Park, or Zhenhai’s first characteristic park, open in the morning of June 24th. The park focuses on building industry clusters to boost the new material industry. Now, the park has already attracted two incubation platforms and three Graphene material start-ups to move in. It is expected that the park’s main business income can reach 150 million yuan and that a high-end characteristic industry cluster for new materials can be formed after five years.

“With technology and innovation leading the way, we will focus on industrial co-development to boost the new material industry and make new achievements.” A responsible person from Zhenhai Bureau of Economy and Information tells us that the Zhenhai District will pay close attention to building industry clusters, and in particular focus on the new material industry and innovation in the industry to make the industry a significant contributor to the district’s overall transformation and development.

Special attention should be poured to advanced technologies occupying commanding heights in the new material industry to make full use of the first mover advantage in the park. In Zhenhai, many key enterprises have gathered in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic & Technological Development Zone to prepare to develop the industry. Also, with Ningbo New Material Start-ups’ Park of Chinese Academy of Sciences as the innovation base, high-end new material start-ups with independent innovation ability like Zhongke B Plus New Materials gradually make their presence, which injects new energy to the industry. The park will focus on cultivating and developing new graphene materials and advanced polymer materials, and expanding and developing high-performance alloy materials and tombarthite materials with permanent magnetism, and seeks to increase the industrial scale to 100 billion yuan by 2025.

The park needs to make efforts to utilize advantages brought by innovation in the new material industry and the gathering of great minds of the industry. Zhenhai aims at establishing a “golden talent port” to pool high-end resources that are driven by start-ups and innovation. Now the district has three new material innovation platforms that have gathered over 300 high-end competent professionals to make provisions for the industry’s development.

The park will also emphasize high-quality development, try to attract global champion companies to invest to form a complete product chain from raw materials to final product, and appeal to enterprises in the park to focus on R&D and production to establish cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships

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