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Companies Most Worth Investing in Ningbo

The 3-month search for the companies most worth investing concluded in the afternoon on July 3. Ningbo Phase stood out among over 400 businesses and was crowned the title “Star of Technological Innovation”. Changyang, Kunde, Khansword and Conda were awarded “Star of Progress”. Rivamed, Flycore, Jenscare, Newgen and Wukong won the title “Star of Innovation”. 

As the platform to connect capital market for Ningbo businesses and the window to showcase progress, the search for the companies most worth investing has been carried out 4 times, exploring over 300 enterprises with great potential and reached a total of 3 billion yuan of financing. Among them, Medicalsystem and Exciton have already been listed while Rongbay and Solartron are making efforts to be registered in Science and technology innovation board.

With the goal of meeting the requirements of Shanghai Stock Exchange, great endeavors have been made in 2019 to exploit innovative businesses with great potential, which was closely watched by leading companies in new materials, new energy, smart manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical and information technology. The 10 companies most worth investing were finally picked out after rounds of selection including information review on-site inspection.

Of the 10 companies on the list, Changyang, Kunde, Khansword, Conda, and Jenscare were already listed in Ningbo Equity Exchange. “We will continue to leverage the advantages of our regional capital market and integrate all financial resources to provided tailored financial services for local medium and small businesses.” said general manager of Ningbo Equity Exchange Zhou Bin. Ever since the search began, many local businesses have made rapid growth with capital aid. Now over 1700 companies have been listed in Ningbo Equity Exchange, over half of which are new high-tech enterprises

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