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2019 "Skills Star" contest kicks off

As an important activity of Ningbo Talent Day, on April 28th, 2019 Ningbo Vocational Skills Competition and “Skills Star” contest was officially launched.


It is reported that the 2019 vocational skill competition and the "Skills Star" contest, centering on the construction needs of the city's "246" industrial clusters worth tens of billions, is open to all skilled workers. In 2019, the organizers will carry out vocational skill competitions in accordance with the standards of the World Skills Competition. They have organized 10 “skills star” competitions such as pension care, fashion design and production, welding and CNC lathe, and 61 municipal level 1 and 2 competitions. Three projects will be selected as national invitational tournaments to build a nationwide vocational skill competition platform.

It is learned that in recent years, in the training of skilled talents, the city has focused on exploring the talent selection model of “competition by competition”, and organized many vocational skill competitions, both in scale and quality, and has become a large platform to train skilled talents. Through the demonstration of these series of competition platforms, the city has produced 75 “skills stars”; 949 outstanding technical talents have been evaluated as “chief workers”; and 58 skilled

talents have been awarded “Ningbo Excellent High-skilled Talents”. At the same time, the event also effectively promoted the skill exchange of relevant industries in the city, cultivated and created a group of high-skilled talents, and inspired countless sturdy craftsmen who have grown into the mainstay of the industry.

According to the data from the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, up to now, the number of skilled personnel active in the front line of the city has reached 1,538,200, of which 433,300 are high-skilled personnel and 28.43% are high-skilled talents

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