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5G Pilot Demonstration Project Starts in Hangzhou Bay New Zone

Accelerate development via digitalization. In the afternoon of March 13th, the Management Committee of Ningbo Hangzhou Bay New Zone and China Mobile Ningbo Branch sign on the contract that aims to promote 5G construction and digital economy. According to the contract, China Mobile Ningbo Branch will choose the New Zone as a pilot demonstration area to build 5G network, information infrastructure, and to boost information sharing and communication between cities.

Following the new trends of technological revolution and industrial changes, the New Zone will pour its attention to key areas like intelligent city, intelligent manufacturing, and intelligent government administration to propel the integration of physical economy, the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence for digital New Zone.

“The New Zone, in three to five years, plans to attract at least thirty related R&D institutions and at least 100 companies manufacturing companies to build the intelligent manufacturing center of new-energy cars, the city of Chinese intelligent household appliances, the most influential industrial cluster of intelligent terminal industries that value over a hundred billion.” said an official from the Command Department on the implementation of this project.

Jumping at the opportunity of digital economy, the New Zone will, in advance, arrange digital economic industries. Recently, the R&D Headquarter of Geely Automobile launches China’s first edge computing project that is based on the internet of vehicles. This project can provide higher transmission rate, accurate and quick delay control, and precise localization for the internet of vehicles, becoming the intelligent “brain” for the transportation system. Now, mobile 5G base stations have been established on areas surrounding the headquarter, realizing the full coverage of 5G signal. With the wide use of the 5G technology in terminals of the internet of vehicles, the New Zone, in a few years to come, will invest 50 billion yuan to construct the global intelligent manufacturing center of new-energy automobiles, which can be the propeller to forge the industry cluster of Ningbo’s world-class cars.

The Digital Industrial Park of Ningbo’s Hangzhou Bay New Zone, as an important carrier and platform for digital economy, is now devoted to developing the industry of intelligent terminals in accord with the planning.

Ningbo Qunxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd., the park’s first chip company, is now in full operation with an investment of 1.25 billion yuan. Up to now, a sum of fifteen companies have come to the park, with the investment totaling 4.62 billion. With 90% of the park’s first batch of factories occupied, the second batch started the construction in the beginning of the year, focusing mainly on production rooms, and R&D centers, with an investment of 1.6 billion

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