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23 projects of Ningbo to be signed on the upcoming three trade events

A special meeting was held to promote the signing of investment contract in the upcoming 3 expositions, whose names are “The 3rd Expo of Central and Eastern Europe”, “The 19th ZJITS”, and “The 16th CICGF” in respective. According to this meeting, the government and some companies of Ningbo are going to sign 23 important investment agreements this year, with a total amount of 4.482 billion dollars, which is 94.9% more than that of last year.

Compared with former ones, these project contracts have some new features. Firstly, foreign investors from different countries have increased a lot. Originally, investors only come from several countries, including the United States, France, Japan and so on, but this year, some investors from Israel, Norway and the Czech Republic etc. will also participate. 

Secondly, the percentage of high level projects also shows an upward trend. To be specific, as many as 43% of the 23 projects are high-level manufacture projects, among which there are mergers and acquisitions of companies in Ningbo by some of the world’s top 500 enterprises, production lines with the productivity of 6 million air purifying equipment per year, as well as manufacturing of

high-quality coating.

Thirdly, more than a half of the projects are high-level projects related to tertiary sector of the economy. According to the director of the special meeting mentioned in the first paragraph, compared with former years, when real estate project accounted most among the signed projects, there are only 3 projects related to real estate this year. For the rest of the projects, they are about research, finance and trade

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