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Seminar for global film & TV masters kicks off in Ningbo

Four prominent masters in the US and European film and TV fields, including Ed Solomon, a famous Hollywood screenwriter, were invited to Ningbo to give lectures at the seminar for global film and TV masters held at Nantang Ancient Street on April 10. The seminar aims to improve the professional standard of the film and TV employees in Ningbo. 

Ed Solomon is a prominent writer, producer, director, screenwriter as well as farce actor, and his masterpieces include Men in Black, Now You See Me and the X-men series. He said this seminar was in the innovative ways of seminar rather than in the traditional lecture form, thus the trainers and the trainees may have open dialogues and interaction to share practice and experience in their work and get a better result for the training. 

The seminar will organize some discussions on the composing principles of the Hollywood screenwriters, the structure and style of the US film or TV stories, and the recognition of the attractiveness of the contemporary film and TV works to the Chinese audience, based on the case studies of the classical films or TV plays like Now You See Me. 

Besides Ed Solomon, the other three masters are Ryan Ro, a famous US director, and Dr. Julien Stringer and Dr. Nicky Lee, both from the University of Nottingham, UK

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