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Ningbo White-collar Workers Get Rmb6,812 on Average for Year-end Bonus

With less than half a month until the Spring Festival, year-end bonus naturally became the top concern of “nine-to-fivers”. A survey into the annual bonus of white-collar workers was derived from the Ningbo website of Zhaopin, a Chinese employment agency, in Jan. 12th. According to it, the average amount white-collar workers in Ningbo received is Rmb6,812. Of all the respondents, 46.2% said that they could get a bonus while another 15.4% were told their bonus had been delayed until after the New Year holiday.

Payouts also varied substantially with 19.8% getting less than Rmb1,000. Workers whose bonuses were between Rmb5,001 and Rmb10,000 occupied the largest proportion, reaching 31.6%. Besides, those with a bonus of Rmb1,001- 5,000 and Rmb10,001- 20,000 accounted for 28.9% and 15.5% respectively. And there were 4.2% claiming over Rmb20,000 income.

A high-tech firm in the High-tech Zone of Ningbo offered a huge bonus to its employers. “The company has showed excellent performance in 2017, totaling 0.5 billion in revenue. So the fruit of its development should be shared by all.” However, in another foreign trade company, employee Liu Pingping voiced her concern about her year-end bonus: “The general situation of the company in 2017 is quite stern. I suppose even though there were bonuses, they would be symbolic, without carrying much value.”

As an important part of job income, year-end bonus exerts some influence on the choices workers made for their career next year. When asked about whether they would find a job elsewhere due to poor bonuses, 34.6% of the white-collar workers surveyed replied in the affirmative, while 34.6% answered otherwise and another 38.5% expressed uncertainty.

Fast on the heels of the New Year holiday were the two traditional recruiting seasons that always saw the most job changers. According to experts in human resource, the official data and relevant economic predictions indicated that Chinese foreign trade in 2017 would face a sterner situation, calling for the deepening supply-side reform, so the road of economic development was still full of challenges. In this context, white-collars, when thinking of jumping ship, should keep an eye of the macro environment and take into consideration various factors including their long-term career plans, the future development of their industry and the potential of their companies. Meanwhile, they also hoped that companies could take a few cautions before deciding on a compensation and bonus system so that it would not only create sufficient incentives but also prevent the company from a mass staff exodus.

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