Some 100 Businesses and Research Institutes Form an Industrial Chain of Internet of Things

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Tuesday, 09 August 2011 09:22

Some 100 companies and research institutes in Ningbo have formed a huge industrial chain of Internet of Things.

As one of the seven large emerging industries the Internet of Things is to generate an output value of 5000 billion yuan in coming 10 years, as estimated by experts. Currently, the Ningbo companies of Internet of Things are mainly engaged in application solutions, sensors, transmission and telecom, computing, etc. Last year, they generated income of 10 billion yuan (excluding those from operators). Among them, there are 13 producers of sensors, which realized output value of 1.5 billion yuan. There are 41 manufacturers of terminal displays and telecom equipments, generating 4.8 billion yuan. In addition, there are 93 providers of application solutions.

With years of development, the Internet of Things business environment has been improving. Last year, the city made an action plan for developing Smart City (2011-2015) and this year it is going to make a program to develop information industry that includes the Internet of Things (IOT). With the progress of the Smart City construction, a number of application demo projects featuring the IOT technology are being undertaken, such as smart logistics and smart health care.

By relying on the solid foundation of electronics production, the city has established a certain basis in sensors, transmission equipment and terminal display products and is becoming an important base of IOT components and equipment production. Last year, the Ningbo Keli Sensors Manufacturing Company yielded an output value of 360 million yuan, the Ningbo Nanche Times Sensor Technology Company generated 170 million yuan. They have built up certain market influence. In addition, a number of other electronic companies are developing new products and new systems, too.

With regard to infrastructure, the city has had a high-speed intranet and internet that covers all the urban areas, with the outlet bandwidth of 580 G. There are 10.55 million mobile phone subscribers, 840,000 3G subscribers. 1.77 million households have had internet access. With the progress of the Wireless Ningbo project, the 3G-based wireless wideband network has reached every corner of the city. A new-generation wireless network with TD-LTE as the core is to be built soon.

With governmental support, the IOT business of Ningbo has come on the fast lane. By the end of last year, the city has supported 31 IOT related projects. For instance, five companies including the Ningbo Boyige Digital Technology has been granted the special funds of seven million yuan from the national authorities.