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8 Ningbo enterprises listed as Top 500 Enterprises of China

The list of 2011 China Top 500 Enterprises was released on September 3. Ningbo has 8 enterprises listed in the list. 12 enterprises of Ningbo are among China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises and 28 among China Top 500 Enterprises of the Service Industry.

According to the list of 2011 China Top 500 Enterprises released in Chengdu by China Association of Enterprises and China Entrepreneur Association, On the list of 2011 China Top 500 Enterprises Ningbo has 8 enterprises, two less than the last year. Of the enterprises, Youngor Group ranks the 237th position for its operating income of 33.48 billion yuan, the highest one of the Ningbo enterprises. Ningbo Jintian Group, Aux Group, Grand Group Corporation, Ningbo Yinyi Group, Fubang Holdings and Firs Group were on the list in the last year. Zhejiang Qiancheng Investment is on the list for the first time.

In the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises of China, Ningbo has 12, the same number as the last year. Youngor Group, Ningbo Jintian Group, and Aux Group are among the first 150. The threshold for China Top 500 Enterprises of the Service Industry is 1.97 billion yuan, about 1 billion yuan more than the threshold of the last year. However, Ningbo still has 28 enterprises on the list, keeping its front position in cities of China. Of these enterprises Grand Group Corporation, Ningbo Qiancheng Investment, Ningbo Yinyi Group and China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade are among the first 150.

A related person from the Development and Research Center of Ningbo said that on the Top 500 Enterprises of China 2011, Ningbo has not only listed companies and Youngor and Firs but also a number of transnational enterprises like Ningbo Haitian International Holdings Ltd.. This shows that the large enterprises of Ningbo are now on the way of capital operation and overseas expansion. On the other hand, the enterprises of Ningbo are in general on the rear of the list. Compared with Huangzhou, Shaoxing and Taizhou, Ningbo does not have one private enterprise with its operating income exceeding 50 billion yuan. Therefore, at the 12th Five-Year-Plan Period, Ningbo should make great efforts to develop large enterprises, so that we can have private enterprises with their operating income reaching 50 or even 100 billion yuan and that we can have enterprises listed among the first 200.

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