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Novartis organized an award-tour in Ningbo

On August 1, a five-day meeting-reward tour of 1000 people of Beijing Novartis Company was concluded in Ningbo. The venue of the meeting was at the Shangri-La Hotel. Hotels nearby, such as Shearton, Marriot and Crown Plaza also had a busy time receiving the guests. The 1000 people consumed abut three million yuan in Ningbo.

During the five days, the company did not organize meetings and tours but had a sports meet. The employees liked the Ningbo seafood very much. Beijing Novartis was not the only world top 500 companies that held meeting and tours of this kind in Ningbo. Corporations like Shell, Volkswagen, Simens, and John Deere often hold their annual meetings or fairs in Ningbo. Previously, they mainly placed their meetings in cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou or Xiamen.

According to the organizer of the meeting, there are more and more luxury hotels in Ningbo and above all, there are beautiful landscape and delicious seafood, which attract them most.

Meeting-reward tour refers to a tour arranged as a meeting and a reward. With the development of modern tourism, the MRT has great potential, as it is highly specialized and lucrative. It is becoming a gold market in the increasingly segmented tour market.

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