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Ningbo's export of fire lighters to Japan

From September 28 this year, all the lighters that China exports to Japan should be certificated by the PSC. According to a related meeting, from July 1, Ningbo Joysun Product Testing Service Company will be the single testing organization accepted by Japan.

Japan is a large importing country of China-made lighters. In the last year, China's export of lighters to Japan amounted to 370 million, valuing 71,372,000 US dollars. Of the total, the number of Ningbo-made lighters amounted to 260 million, valuing 33,938,000 US dollars. With the coming PSC certification, in the first half of this year, some lighter manufacturers of Ningbo did make efforts to have their products certificated. However, then there were only authorized testing companies and all were in Japan. This not only raised the cost of the exported lighters but also slow down the export. In the first half of this year, the export of lighters to the Japanese market by those companies declined considerably.

Ningbo Joysun Product Testing Service Company was established in June 2001. As a central technical lab of Ningbo Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, it is a national key lab, and one that is accepted by the ILAC and CNAS. The lab is mainly engaged in the safety and performance testing of the lighters to to exported through Ningbo customs. In 2008, European Union accepted the tests of the lab, and this promotes the export of China-made lighters to the EU market.

In May this year, Ningbo Joysun Product Testing Service Company passed the on-the-spot inspection of Japan, and was officially accepted by Japan as the only lighter testing organization outside Japan. This will considerably reduce the cost of the PSC for the manufacturers of lighters in China and the time needed for the testing is shortened by half a month.

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