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Ningbo's business network spots tripled within two years

In the last few years, Ningbo's business net has quickened its pace of development and now citizens have more and more consumer places to choose from. The biennial survey of the big business network spots in Chinese big and medium-sized cities released by the Ministry of Business shows that by the end of last year, Ningbo had had 157 business spots with an area over 5000 square meters, 3 times that of the year of 2008. The total area reached 5,891,395 square meters, 20 times that of 2008.

With the ever-quickening development of Ningbo's urban construction, the citizens' need for the modern big business facilities such as shopping malls, department stores and supermarkets is increasing day by day. From 2008 to 2010, Ningbo built 8 shopping centers, 26 department stores, 18 household building material stores and 62 commodity exchange markets. The per capita area increased from less than 0.5 square meters to 0.98 square meters.

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