Ningbo to promote the leapfrog development of modern service industry

Category: Ningbo Business
Published: Monday, 26 September 2011 11:09

When conducting field inspection in Yinzhou District, Liu Qi, vice Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ningbo emphasized the importance of quickening the development of modern service industry in the overall implementation of "six-quickening" strategy and in accelerating transformation of economic development mode. By laying bigger stress on some major fields, optimizing the environment for development and strengthening the support from talents, the industry is to develop by leaps and bounds and make contribution to the scientific and technological development and transformational development.
On the afternoon of September 19, accompanied by Shou Yongnian, Member of the Standing Committee of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Yinzhou District Party Committee, vice Mayor Wang Renzhou, and vice Mayor Chen Yijun, Mayor Liu Qi first inspected China-Base Ningbo Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Upon hearing the introduction of the business performance of the corporation, Mayor Liu Qi suggested that as the leading enterprise in import and export trade, while expanding the scale of business, the corporation may learn from the experience and practice of counterparts in other advanced cities and play a leading role in carrying out new port service industries such as ship leasing, shipping finance and shipping insurance. The Mayor,along with his delegation, then inspected Ningbo Hot taste and Olymtech Ningbo. After having a detailed understanding of their business philosophy, business model and scale of development, Mayor Liu Qi encouraged the enterprises to take root in Ningbo and seize every opportunity to develop themselves proactively and grow into model enterprises for Ningbo's service industry.  
Mayor Liu Qi pointed out that making great efforts to develop modern service industry is not only an important task for Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government in accelerating the economic transformation and upgrading, but also the inevitable requirements for promoting the city's good image and improving people's living standard. He expressed his hopes and good wishes for the enterprises. Firstly, it is necessary to balance the relationship between modern service industry and secondary industry. Secondly, it is necessary to enlarge the scale of the service industry and optimize its structure. Thirdly, emphasis should be put on some major productive fields, such as modern logistics and modern trade, to enhance service efficiency and improve capacity. Fourthly, it is important to further optimize the environment and implement supporting policies in order to attract talents to settle down in Ningbo and guarantee the development of modern service industry