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Ningbo Shopping Festival to open on July 29

Ningbo Shopping Festival, a festival that opens every year, is to open very soon. The festival this year will be largest in scale and it promises to be a vest event for shopping, recreation, and traveling. To promote the festival and the citizens' participation, the organizers will carry out a series of award selection activities for three awards: the Award for Most Influential Brand, Award for Best Service, and Award for Best Shop Decoration.

The festival is from July 29 to August 7. The activities are of four themes: "Brand and Life", "Wisdom and Life", "Culture and Life", and "Consumption and Life".

The "Brand and Life" activity will include such events as Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition, Ningbo Independent Brand Exhibition, "Consumption and Band Forum", Classic Brands Exhibition, and Exhibition of Dongfeng Motors. From July 30 to August 7, Hong Kong Jewelry Exhibition will open in the International Shopping Center. In the forum, the experts will have discussions of the relations of the consumption mode and the brands.

Besides shopping during the festival, consumers can have the chance to traditional handicraft shows, and have a walk on the Nantanghe Historical Street, having some experience of antiquity. In the Ningbo-France Week, you can experience the romance of France, watch the French street shows, go to the French Poster Exhibition, lectures on French luxuries, and French fashion exhibition and so on.

For students in the summer vacation, there will be sales of computers of Asus, LG, Sony and Lenovo.

The award selection will be made among the major shops, including Intime Department Store, Heyi Avenue Shopping Center, International Shopping Center, Yuehu Shengyuan Shopping Center, Ningbo No.2 Department Store, New Hualian Shopping Center, New World Department Store, Chenghuangmiao Department Store, Dongfang Department Store, Nanyuan Shoes, Suning Appliances, Gome, Five-star Home Appliance, Ningbo Sea World, Telephone World, and D.Phone.

The Award for Most Influential Brand will focus on the influence of brands, including international and Chinese brands. Each participant to the selection can submit to the organization committee five of its brands on the base of their sales in the last year or in the first half of this year and the organization committee will announce the candidates. The selection will be made by various ways including short messages of consumers, net voting, letter voting and experts' voting.

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